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President's Message

Texas Mutual presidentRussell R. Oliver
Texas Mutual president
Russell R. Oliver

In cyberspace or face to face, safety is our business

Last summer, Democratic presidential candidates squared off in the first YouTube debate. Voters had the chance to put candidates on the hot seat, all from the comfort of their computer.

If you are not sure what a political debate has to do with workers' compensation, bear with me. My point is that technology is changing the way we get our information, and smart companies are taking notice.

Now, I'm not ready to abandon my CompNews column in favor of a blog, podcast or wiki just yet. I would, however, like to remind you about the free Texas Mutual® online safety tools available to you.

Our safety resource center is a gateway to custom safety information and resources. You can visit it to calculate your incidence rate, find out how much money accidents cost your business, and get written safety programs. The system also empowers you to uncover the root causes of your most common or severe accidents. From there, it directs you to our multimedia resource library to learn how to correct those root causes.

We recognize that even with these powerful tools, launching a safety program from the ground up can seem overwhelming. So our safety pros boiled the process down to three core steps. We encourage you to visit www.texasmutualsafetyfirst.com to learn how to plan, train and analyze your way to a better safety program.

If you are more comfortable face to face than in cyberspace, come to one of our free, statewide workers' compensation workshops. Our safety consultants will teach you how to use careful hiring practices, drug screenings and new-employee safety orientation to steer clear of accidents and the costs that come with them. Click here to register for a workshop near you.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company is in the business of helping employers like you prevent workplace accidents. Together, we can make Texas a safer, more productive place to work.

Russell R. Oliver

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