A Stronger Texas,

2019 Community Affairs Report

open quote mark The success of our state and its people are important to us. From our employees to our board of directors, we all share a commitment at Texas Mutual to making Texas a better place to live and work. In this update, you can see how our community affairs program has contributed to delivering on that commitment each and every day. closed quote mark

Jeremiah Bentley, Vice President of Marketing and Community Affairs

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Creating safer communities

To deliver on our commitment to prevent workplace accidents, we're working to ensure that the incoming generations of talent are trained to work safely. In 2019, we gave $1.1 million in grants to help 11 colleges offer free or discounted safety courses to their communities. Over 1,000 Texas Mutual policyholders received $1.5 million in safety grants to purchase safety equipment and gear to help protect employees on the job. We’re proud to help businesses and employees get the resources and training they need to work safely.

Safety grants give policyholders access to safety equipment

Training new generations to put safety first

Warren Paynes, covered employee with one of his customers


Building a stronger workforce

We know that over the next 10 years, a significant number of Texas jobs will require post-secondary certifications. Working to educate and train for the jobs of tomorrow is key to long-term strong, safe communities for all. In 2019, we distributed $1.1 million in workforce development grants to 16 organizations that provide apprenticeship programs, workforce training and more. These programs will help Texans find meaningful careers, which is the key to economic success. We also partnered with Workforce Solutions Capital Area and KVUE to share stories from trade workers. The partnership, called Trade Up Texas, has connected candidates with life-long careers and helped to dispel the misperceptions about working in a trade profession.

Supporting workforce development initiatives

Recruiting a new generation of tradespersons

open quote mark We've set out to create a stronger, safer Texas, but know that we can't do it alone. By partnering with organizations that share in our mission, we're working together to solve big societal issues and making a difference in communities all across the state. closed quote mark

Jackie Sekiguchi, Manager Community Affairs

Fortifying Texas businesses

Texas Mutual stands with the strength and resiliency of Texas. Now more than ever, we know that disasters come in many forms and preparing Texas businesses for disasters of all types is critical to the resiliency of our communities. We put this commitment in action by doing our part to fortify Texas businesses and serving our communities. In 2019, we answered the call to help by delivering $2.7 million in grants for policyholders affected by Tropical Storm Imelda and we donated $100,000 to the recovery effort after the Dallas tornados. During these unprecedented times, we're continuing to do our part to help Texas.

How we're helping Texas during COVID-19

Supporting the Dallas tornado recovery

Our response to Tropical Storm Imelda

We're here for Texas


Taking care of Texans

Taking care of people is at the heart of what we do. We deliver on that commitment by helping people improve their wellness and by creating opportunities for people to access education. In 2019, we donated 11 CPR kits to Austin-area high schools to help equip our community with individuals trained in life-saving hands-only CPR. We also awarded 250 policyholders with wellness grant programs for over 35,000 employees. As a workers’ comp provider, we work every day to take care of injured workers — and when a catastrophic injury occurs, we commit to supporting their families beyond our normal scope of business. In 2019, we provided $166,590 in scholarships to 34 students who were injured employees or family members of an injured employee.

Building heart-healthy communities

Promoting healthy workplaces with wellness grants

Caring for our communities

We're committed to building a stronger, safer Texas.

Building a stronger Texas

We've cared for hardworking Texans for more than 25 years.