Safety Groups

Build your business with group coverage.

Safety groups allow employers to enjoy premium discounts and customized safety services.

For more information on safety groups download "Group Advantage", the agents' quick guide to safety groups.

Safety Groups

Group Description Workers' Comp Class Codes Contact
AgriComp Seed merchants; cotton farming gins; feed and fertilizer manufacturers; grain elevators; hay, feed and grain dealers 0011, 0016, 0037, 0079, 0083*, 0113, 0401, 2014, 2211, 2220, 4583, 8102, 8215, 8295, 8304*, 8350* Email Landon Hertel or call (512) 692-4341
ASG Safety Group Security guards, investigators, alarm installers 7720, 7600, 8901 Email Josh Ring or call
(832) 861-6347
CompGroup AGC Commercial construction contractors Commercial construction contractors Email Julie Schatz, or call (800) 406-9614.
Emergency Service Organization Fire departments, nonprofit EMS organizations and private ambulance companies 7704, 7720 Email Barbara Marzean, or call (512) 448-9928.
Hospitals of Texas Hospitals 8832*, 8833, 9040

*May have additional limitations. Call (800) 859-5995 for more information.
Email Barry Couch, or call (888) 665-1539
Lone Star Auto Dealers Franchised auto, truck, RV, boat and motorcycle dealerships 8391, 8748 Email Brad Wicker, or call (325) 437-0677
Lone Star Energy Butane/propane gas operators and dealers 5183*, 7219, 8350, 8387

*May have additional limitations. Call (800) 859-5995 for more information.
Email Curtis Heptner, or call (940) 397-2771
NFIB Construction Artisan contractors Most construction codes Email Deborah Isch, or call (512) 476-9847
NFIB Manufacturing Manufacturing Most light manufacturing codes Email Deborah Isch, or call (512) 476-9847
NFIB Wholesale/Retail Retail and wholesale Most retail and wholesale codes Email Deborah Isch, or call (512) 476-9847
Social Services Agencies of Texas Nonprofit social services agencies 8832, 8868, 9063, 9101 Email Kaycie Berley, or call (972) 427-4205
Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Oil and gas production 1321, 6202, 6203, 6206, 6213, 6216, 6233, 6237, 6238, 7515 Email Curtis Heptner, or call (940) 397-2771 or (940) 642-2548.
Texas Apartment Association Property and condo managers 9015, 9032, 9052 Email Michael Whorton, or call (512) 372-2245 or (800) 749-1772
Texas Association of Manufacturers Heavy and light manufacturing Most manufacturing codes Email Stacy Looney, or call (512) 906-2000
Texas Automotive Safety Group Tire sales centers, general auto repair facilities, lube centers, auto parts stores and body, brake repair, automotive machine and radiator shops 3685*, 8387, 8391

*May have additional limitations. Call (800) 859-5995 for more information.
Email Shanan Wagoner, or call (800) 259-7196 or (210) 325-8220
Texas Cattle Feeders Association Livestock sales companies and drivers, feed manufacturers 2014, 8288 Email Janet Cooper, or call (806) 345-3644
Texas Church Group Faith-based organizations 8868*, 9101*

*May have additional limitations. Call (800) 859-5995 for more information.
Email Kaycie Berley, or call (972) 427-4205
Texas Construction Safety Group Sub-contractors and suppliers Most construction codes Email Gina O'Hara, or call (512) 330-9836, ext. 6324
Texas Green Industry Wholesale and retail nurseries, landscape contractors, growers, irrigation contractors and other green industry businesses 0005, 0035, 0042, 5183, 8017, 8018, 9014 Email Becky Walker, or call (972) 512-7770
Texas Home Builders Most segments of the home-building industry 5437, 5606, 8601, 9014, 9015 Email Becky Walker, or call (972) 512-7770
Texas Lodging Safety Group Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and hospitality groups 9052, 9058 Email Kelly Sartain, or call (512) 635-6765
Texas Lumber & Wood Products Loggers, sawmills and most forms of wood products manufacturing 2702, 2710, 2719, 2731, 2802, 2881, 4206, 5437, 6219, 8231 Email, or call (800) 423-3595 or (214) 697-4637
Texas Machinery & Equipment Dealers All machinery and equipment dealers 8107 Email Chris Roy, or call (214) 979-6258
Texas Medical Group Physician offices, home health care, nursing homes, outpatient care centers and more 7720, 8017, 8018, 8045, 8047, 8828, 8829, 8832, 8833, 8868, 9040, 9052, 9101 - all related to medical risks only Email, or call (806) 792-5564
Texas Oil & Gas Association Oil and gas exploration and production 1321, 3111*, 3126*, 3365*, 3719*, 6202, 6203, 6204*, 6206, 6213, 6216, 6219*, 6233, 6237, 6238, 7219*, 7515, 8107*, 8113, 8601, 8606*, 9014*

*May have additional limitations. Call (800) 859-5995 for more information.
Email Jim Sierra, or call (512) 796-5467.
Texas Recreation Safety Group Golf clubs, country clubs, health clubs, tennis clubs, fishing clubs, bowling centers and others in the recreation industry 9016*, 9060, 9061, 9063*, 9093 Email Kevin Daniel, or call (866) 579-3494.
Texas Restaurant Association Restaurants 9079 Email Tim Sekiya or call
(512) 457-4100 or
(800) 395-2872.
Texas Schools Group Schools 8868 and 9101 Email Philip Bruce, or call (325) 673-6414
Texas Sign Association Comp Group On-premise sign product manufacturers, sign supply distributors and associated sign service providers 3064, 9501 and 9552 Some businesses listed as 8017 and 8018 may also qualify. Email Julie Schatz, or call (800) 406-9614.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company is the leading writer of safety groups in Texas.

  • Safety groups offer an excellent way to increase your market share and develop a sound book of business.
  • By partnering with the group, you can play a prominent role in developing or enhancing its safety program. Texas Mutual Insurance Company will assign a safety services consultant who has experience in members' common operations.
  • Your Texas Mutual® regional marketing representative can give you a safety group application and help you set up a safety group.
  • For more information about the Texas Mutual® safety groups, contact a marketing representative at (800) 859-5995.

About Safety Groups

The Texas Department of Insurance allows employers in similar businesses to form safety groups in order to reduce their workers' compensation insurance premiums. Group participation is limited to Texas employees as defined in the Texas Labor Code. Insurance agents play a key role in the formation of these groups. Agents who become involved in forming a safety group can also benefit from commissions generated from higher premium volumes and from vastly improved efficiency in their marketing efforts.

We sponsor workers' compensation insurance safety groups that offer policyholders a premium discount and access to our exceptional customer services.

Benefits for the Agent

Safety groups offer an excellent way to increase an agent's market share and develop a sound book of business. Similar to target marketing, Safety groups give agents greater responsibility and control of their business by defining a market to be pursued.

Agents who work with safety groups often see their marketing efforts become more efficient as they build rapport with underwriters and safety services staff and make valuable contacts in the industries that make up their primary markets.

Benefits for the Client

A safety group member is entitled to a premium discount which is based on an estimate of the group's entire written premium. For example, if a group is projected to generate $500,000 in annual premium, all policyholders in the group will receive the premium discount applied to the $500,000 premium level (10 percent) regardless of their individual premium size.

Group members also benefit from expert claim and safety services. Texas Mutual Insurance Company will assign a safety services consultant who is or becomes an expert in the group's common operations. A safety plan is developed for the group and adopted by all members. The safety services consultant may speak at the group's association meetings or in other group settings.

Getting Started

Some agents begin by becoming involved with a professional association. Others start by developing their contacts in an area of their own professional expertise. As a list of potential clients develops, agents should watch for changes in regulatory requirements that affect the industries they are targeting. Insurance coverage is sometimes a sound way to address the uncertainties created by regulatory changes.

Most industries would benefit more from a structured safety program. Make some calculations and work with a group representative as you research the group. Together, you can review the numbers and determine the benefits that group coverage offers. We require a minimum of $500,000 in annual premium to justify writing a group program. We take into consideration the estimated average premium of group members and the growth potential of the group in subsequent years if the initial premium is below this amount.

Questions About Safety Groups

Your regional marketing representative or safety group coordinator can answer your questions, provide a safety group application and help you set up your group. For more information, call the Information Services Center at (800) 859-5995.

*NOTE: State law prohibits insurance companies from guaranteeing dividends in their promotional materials. Past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends, and the Texas Department of Insurance must approve all dividend plans.