Agent commission policy and incentive plan

Texas Mutual Insurance Company offers competitive commissions to all licensed agents, and we offer incentive plans to qualifying agents.

Commission policy

Texas Mutual Insurance Company pays a commission on each account written with any agent who maintains a valid Property & Casualty license and is in good standing with us and with the Texas Department of Insurance. Out-of-state agents must have a non-resident agent's license in order to do business in Texas. All agents must have a W-9 on file with us.

All commissions are adjusted at final audit based on paid premium. We will not pay you a commission for earned premium that is not paid by the policyholder. You waive any right to a commission on earned premium if payment is made: 1) as a result of a criminal or civil action; 2) as a result of third-party collection efforts on our behalf; or 3) more than 90 days after the due date.

Incentive plan

If you are accepted into our program, you can earn an attractive agent incentive payment from Texas Mutual Insurance Company. In addition to your regular commission payments, you may qualify for a profit-sharing bonus if your agency:

Our incentive payment plan rewards qualifying Texas agents who place and retain profitable customers with Texas Mutual Insurance Company.

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