Information sheets

We have several information sheets to help you explain Texas Mutual's services and benefits.

Quick Facts about Texas Mutual

We're proud of the impact we've made in Texas. Use this Quick Facts information sheet to tell prospective clients about our success.

  • Dividends
  • Safety Services
  • Training and Education
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Financial Results

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The Dividend Difference

Texas Mutual offers more than just workers' compensation coverage–we offer a financial reward for policyholders who join us in our mission of keeping Texas working safely.

Guide to Texas Mutual

For your new Texas Mutual clients, our one-page guide helps them get quickly acquainted with doing business with us. Find tips and resources on reporting an injury, finding a doctor and more.

Free e-Learning for Texas Mutual Policyholders

Through Texas Mutual e-Learning, employers can assign training from our new course catalog, see results and manage records. This information sheet helps you introduce and market e-Learning to policyholders and potential clients.

View the agent guide to help your clients take advantage of e-Learning.

Fast Track Renewals from Texas Mutual

Texas Mutual's fast track renewal program saves you time processing renewals for smaller clients. This informational sheet outlines how the renewals work and how they can help you maximize your time.

Don't Dare to Go Bare

Workers' comp coverage provides the best protection against the consequences of workplace injuries, for you and your employees.

  • Why workers' comp?
  • Legal protection for you
  • Medical and income benefits for your employees
  • Lowering your costs
  • More information

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Premier Account Services

We're equipped to handle the unique needs of large businesses through our Texas Mutual Premier program. This flyer tells about the extended services you and your large clients can expect.

Safety Services

We help our policyholders get the resources they need to identify hazards and prevent workplace injuries. Learn about our safety consultants, support center and online resources.