Texas Mutual Insurance Company offers three ways to send your submissions: Internet Quoting (IQ), email, fax and regular mail.

Complete submissions

Remember, a complete submission must include:

  • A fully completed ACORD® 125/130 application
  • Four years of currently valued loss history (if no prior coverage, send a recap of losses)
  • Four years of premiums and payroll
  • An experience modifier worksheet (if applicable)
  • Physical address and ZIP code of each location
  • The number of employees at each location and the shifts they work
  • A cover letter telling us anything special about the account that will help in our underwriting evaluation (NOTE: We have a special field in IQ for this information.)

If you are submitting a PEO client, please include this additional information:

  • A copy of the PEO contract
  • Names and dates of all prior PEOs the client had contracts with
  • If Texas Mutual issues a quote, we need class codes and payrolls for all of the client's employees

Please note that some of the requirements for a complete submission are different if you use IQ.

Internet Quoting

Internet Quoting (IQ) helps agents get quicker quotes, which in turn helps employers get faster coverage. You may use IQ to submit any account directly to our underwriters for review, or you may use IQ to submit qualifying accounts for a quick quote online.

IQ is easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select the appropriate class codes or enter the description
  • Enter the estimated payroll (remuneration)
  • Select Longshore Coverage if applicable
  • Review the manually rated pricing indicator
  • Follow the prompts for required information
  • Attach relevant information using an acceptable format
  • Submit the formal quote

New online quoting video

Texas Mutual is committed to making our online services as easy to use as possible for our agency partners. We've created a new online quoting video to help educate agents who may not be familiar with the process.

Qualifying accounts

Qualifying accounts have:

  • Written premium of $50,000 or less
  • Acceptable loss history (as applicable)
  • Continuous workers’ compensation coverage for the past two years (except for new-in-business or nonsubscribers)
  • All-Texas payroll and operation(s)>

For your convenience, IQ will accept your attachments in any of the following formats:

.doc (MS Word) .dot (Word document template)
.gif (Graphics Interchange Format) .pdf (Adobe portable document)
.pot (PowerPoint template) .ppt (PowerPoint presentation)
.rtf (Rich Text Format) .tif (Tag Image File)
.wkp (MS Works) .wks (MS Works spreadsheet)
.wps (MS Works Text document) .xlr (MS Works spreadsheet)
.xls (Excel Workbook) .xlt (Excel template file)
.xlw (Excel workbook) .txt (Text file)

Email applications

You may also send your ACORD® 125/130 along with the supporting information for a complete submission to:

  • Submit applications in TIF, PDF, HTML or MS-Word (.doc) format attachments.
  • Send a separate attachment for each account. You do not have to send separate emails, just separate attachments.
  • There is no limit on file size.
  • We will email a confirmation within eight business hours, acknowledging our receipt of your electronic application.
  • We will fax a confirmation letter after we have entered the account into our database.

Fax applications

Fax applications to: (800) 359-0650

Mail submissions

Mail submissions to:

Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Attn: Underwriting
P.O. Box 12058
Austin, Texas 78711-2058