Tips for downloading and printing forms

Here are some tips for successful results when you download forms  and print them.  Click your web browser's Go Back button when you're ready to try downloading the form you want.

If a Form Does Not Open

If a form does not open when you click on the link, download the form from TDI's employer forms page.

Don't Worry If a Form Looks Strange on Your Screen

These forms contain special formatting codes to ensure they look good when printed.   Depending on the settings of your word processor, some of these codes may be visible when you open a form.  Even if these codes are visible, the form should print correctly.  The instructions below include information on how to make the form look better when viewed onscreen.

What You'll Need

For widest compatibility, we provide these forms in Microsoft® Word for Windows® 95 format.  If you have Word 6.0, Word for Windows 95, or an even more recent version of Word on your computer, then using these forms will be very easy.  If you use a different word processor, chances are good that you'll still be able to use these files, but you may have to consult your program's documentation for instructions on how to open or import a Word file.

Policyholders can order printed versions of forms directly from Texas Mutual Insurance Co. by calling (800) 859-5995.


Click the link to the form, like any other link on a web page. If you have a newer web browser, it may automatically open your word processor for you and load the form. (Some browsers may first ask if you want to open or save the form; you should choose open.)

If the form loads correctly into your word processor, you should be able to view, save, or print the file just as you would any other document. If the form looks strange you may need to turn formatting codes off or switch to page layout or print preview mode; consult your program's documentation for instructions on doing this.   Regardless of how the form looks onscreen, it should look fine when you print it.

If the form does not load correctly or you get an error message, then you'll have to use a different method to download the form:

IE save as menu

  1. Instead of clicking the link to the form like you normally would, use your right mouse button to click the link. A pop up menu should appear that has some sort of "Save As" option. 
  2. Choose the option to save the file.  You'll be asked to give the file a name and choose which directory or folder to save it in.
  3. After the file's been saved, use your word processor to open and print it like you would any other document on your computer.  If you don't use Microsoft Word, you may have to use a special import command to open the document; consult your word processor's documentation for further instructions.