May 16, 2019

This dividend season we're excited to announce that we've reached a record-breaking milestone. Our board of directors voted unanimously to approve a $330 million dividend distribution in 2019. As a result, more than 55,000 business owners, nearly 75% of qualifying policyholders, will receive a check, for their ongoing commitment to workplace safety.

Since our first dividend payout in 1999, we have delivered $2.8 billion to businesses across Texas. We are proud to continue to share the company's success through our one-of-a-kind dividend program, made possible by the agents we partner with and safety-conscious employers.

Watch the video below to learn how ownership pays at Texas Mutual.


Our dividend tradition supports businesses who create safe work environments for their employees and helps contribute to their bottom line. We recognize the powerful impact these investments have on Texas businesses and the Texas economy overall.

Agents will receive a list of qualifying clients and policyholders can expect a check in the mail or from their agent in June.

Learn more about our dividend program and find safety resources to help join our mission to build a stronger, safer Texas on