July 18, 2019

Our communities are protected by our first responders. When it comes to protecting them, that’s where emergency support services steps in. These organizations exist to serve firefighters and emergency workers, to help keep them safe while they answer the call for help in their communities.

Johnson County Emergency Support Services (ESS), just south of Fort Worth, is one of those organizations. Watch their story to see how they support their local volunteer fire department, and how a grant from Texas Mutual helped them purchase cooling vests to protect firefighters from overheating.

We know that our emergency responders and those who support them are a critical part of building a stronger, safer Texas. Johnson County ESS was one of 78 organizations who received a health and wellness grant from Texas Mutual and the Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Service Inc. (VFIS of Texas) in 2018.

This year, Texas Mutual increased its contribution and together with the VFIS of Texas delivered $300,000 in support of the grant program, compared to Texas Mutual's $130,000 contribution in 2018. Grant applications for the 2020 program open this fall.

We’re proud to provide grants that help volunteer fire departments and supporting organizations get resources to help them improve their wellness and perform their jobs safely. Earlier this year, we also shared how the Tanglewood Volunteer Fire Department used their grant to establish a fitness program.

Texas Mutual thanks our first responders all across the state for the work they do to protect and keep Texans safe.