Respond to injuries

If an employee gets injured on the job:

  1. Get immediate medical care for the employee if necessary. If you are in our workers' comp health care network, follow your network responsibilities.
  2. Report the injury to Texas Mutual Insurance Company as soon as possible.
    • Report injuries the same day they happen, if possible. The fastest way to report injuries is online If you cannot report online, you may report by phone at (800) 859-5995 or send a completed DWC-1 form by fax to (877) 404-7999 or by mail to Texas Mutual Insurance Company, P.O. Box 12029, Austin, Texas 78711-2029.
    • Give the employee a copy of the injury report and the "Employee's Rights and Responsibilities."
    • Keep accurate records of the dates when you take any claim-related action, including when you file a supplemental report (DWC-6 form) or wage statement (DWC-3 form). The most convenient way to file a DWC-3 is with our loss run and claim detail tool.
  3. Help the injured employee return to work as soon as medically reasonable.