Workers' comp information for nonsubscribers

The best way for Texas employers to protect their employees is by providing workers' compensation insurance. We encourage employers to tell their agents that they want to become a part of the workers' compensation system.

Better access to workers' comp coverage helps Texas

The Texas workforce received a great boost in the early 1990s, when workers' compensation system reforms emphasized workplace safety and made coverage more available. Business owners now have better access to workers' compensation insurance -- the only insurance that provides medical and disability coverage for employees and legal protection for the employer.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company continues to work with agents and employers to encourage business owners to become a part of the workers' compensation system. Our goal is to provide a stable, competitive source of workers' compensation insurance for Texas employers, and help prevent on-the-job injuries and illnesses and minimize their consequences.

Key points against nonsubscription

Some employers choose to go bare, and many others put together a smorgasbord of limited alternative health policies trying to find that "safety net" for their businesses. In addition to the health premiums, the nonsubscriber may also pay substantial fees for professional safety consultations and safety programs. Even then, the employer does not have the comprehensive package of services or the protection provided by carrying a workers' compensation policy.

Consider this:

  1. Safety consultations, safety programs and, if necessary, employee safety training are included in your workers' compensation insurance policy premium. There are no hidden charges for these valuable services.
  2. Pricing considerations for nonsubscribers are the same as for employers who have been subscribers. Pricing is based on the merit of each business and the completeness of the application. There is no penalty fee or rating increase because the employer has been a nonsubscriber.