Texas Mutual mobile app

Texas Mutual has launched a health care network directory app to make finding a network provider easier than ever. Employers, injured workers, physicians and agents can download the app for free on their Apple and Android devices.

Download the app here or search for Texas Mutual in the Google Play or Apple app store.

Apple Store link Google Play link

This mobile app makes it possible to find care for workers at any time, whether in the office or at a job site. The app also offers informational, easy-to-access videos about the claims process that employers can use for training purposes or in the event of an injury.

The app allows you to:

  • Locate an urgent care facility or treating doctor
  • Find a specialist
  • View your prescription card and locate pharmacies
  • See injured worker articles and resources
  • Access employer resources, such as helpful videos

Navigating the app

View a how-to guide for navigating the Texas Mutual mobile app.