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New patient interaction videos for providers

How you interact with your patients is just as important as the diagnosis. Watch our Office Visit Strategy series for tips on caring for your workers’ comp patients.

Online patient coverage verification now available

Texas Mutual's new online patient coverage verification tool is now available to streamline the process of providing injured workers with timely care.

New workplace injury diagnosis videos for providers

Workplace Diagnosis is the first online, real-time patient diagnosis video tool for physicians. By clicking each area of our interactive tool, you can view videos where Texas Mutual medical director Dr. Nick Tsourmas diagnoses a common workplace injury you see everyday in your practice.

Working with Texas Mutual

Health care providers play an important role in the workers' compensation system. You deliver quality care for Texas' injured workers and help them return to productive employment. Ultimately, that is what is best for workers, their employers and their families.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company wants to help you streamline your job as much as possible with the following resources:

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