Oil & gas safety

Fueled by new technology and increasing demand, the oil and gas industry's resurgence is one reason Texas' economy is the envy of the nation, but it has also caused contributed to an increase in on-the-job accidents.

As the industry rapidly grows, so do industry efforts to embrace comprehensive safety programs designed to keep workers safe. In fact, Texas' oil and gas producers boast some of the most progressive, effective safety programs in the state.

You can read about some of those programs on our website developed specifically for the oil and gas industry: texasoilandgassafety.com.

The site is a hub for free resources on promoting safe driving habits, mentoring new workers, protecting workers from silica exposure and other hazards common in the oil field. Texas Mutual encourages employers to leverage the free resources and craft policies and programs that fit their individual needs.

Steer clear of motor vehicle accidents

Of all the hazards oil and gas workers face, the most dangerous may be something they consider second-nature: driving. Motor vehicle fatalities are eight times higher in the oil and gas industry than in other industries. This series of training modules was developed specifically to promote safe driving in the oil patch: