Agent videos

Our video library continues to grow as we work to provide a variety of resources. Take a look at the videos currently available to our agent community and their clients.

Workers' Comp Expert Minute

Texas Mutual is here to answer your workers' comp questions quickly and simply. In this series, our experts explain workers' comp, classification groups, safety groups and the Texas Star Network.


Using Texas Mutual's Internet Quoting system

Texas Mutual's Internet Quoting system provides a simple way to submit accounts and receive a quote quickly and easily. In this short video, you'll learn what information you'll need to submit a quote, how to save a partially completed quote and return to it later, how to add notes for the underwriter who will review the application, and more.


Videos for your Texas Mutual clients

Texas Mutual offers a number of educational videos for your clients as well. Take a look at the employer videos currently available and share them with your Texas Mutual clients.