Office Visit Strategy

The first step to improved patient relationships starts here! How you interact with the patients is just as important as the diagnosis. In our Office Visit Strategy series, Texas Mutual Medical Director Dr. Nick Tsourmas will walk you through best practices, from your initial office visit through your last visit.

Office Visit Strategy videos

The initial visit Initial Office Visit
What workers’ compensation means, how to establish reasonable expectations and address return-to-work options.
The initial visit Assigning Impairment Ratings
When and how to assign an impairment rating to your patient.
Follow-up Exam Follow-up Exam
How you can help facilitate your patient’s recovery by engaging them in their treatment.
Follow-up Exam Addressing Psychosocial Symptoms
How to see and react to psychosocial symptoms when your patient is recovering.
Sharing imaging results Sharing Imaging Results
The transition to full duty at work and explaining imaging results. 
Sharing imaging results Diffusing Patient Imaging Demands
How to interact and diffuse a situation in which a patient is requesting x-rays or imaging.
Final Office Visit Final Office Visit
How to document  recovery for Texas Mutual and a recap of best practices for patient interaction.