Pharmacy help

Notice: Texas Mutual's pharmacy benefit manager, Cypress Care, has been acquired by Optum. During the transition, some documents may reference Cypress Care but are still valid. Optum will provide the same excellent service extended by Cypress Care and will work to make this transition as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, contact Optum at the number below.

Some pharmacies may not accept workers' compensation cases, and others may only accept workers' compensation cases from some insurance companies.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company has partnered with Optum to help ensure that you get the prescriptions you need for your compensable on-the-job injury. Optum has many pharmacies in Texas, including HEB and Walgreens. To find a network pharmacy near you, go to, or call the Optum help desk at (888) 220-2805.

Remember, if your prescription is for a generic medication, but you prefer the brand name, you must pay the difference in price to get the brand name. This is the only instance when a pharmacy can charge you for part of your workers' compensation-related prescriptions.

If a pharmacy tries to charge you for your workers' compensation-related prescription, except as described above, contact the Division of Workers' Compensation.