Common terms & abbreviations

  Term Abbreviation
Average weekly wage AWW
Benefit review conference BRC
Benefit review officer BRO
Contested case hearing CCH (also benefit contested case hearing)
Contested case hearing officer CCHO (also benefit contested case hearing officer)
Death benefits DBs
Division of Workers' Compensation DWC or the division
Documentation of Procedure DOP
Durable Medical Equipment DME
Workers' comp health care network HCN
Health care provider HCP
Impairment income benefits IIBs
Impairment rating IR
Injured employee Employee
Insurance carrier Carrier
Lifetime income benefits LIBs
Maximum medical improvement MMI
Post injury earnings PIE (also weekly earnings after the injury)
Required medical examination RME
Research & Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation* ROC
Return-to-work RTW
Supplemental income benefits SIBs
Temporary income benefits TIBs
Texas Department of Insurance TDI
Texas Workers' Compensation Act Texas Labor Code, "the Act," or "the Statute"
Texas Workers' Compensation Commission** TWCC or the commission

*NOTE: The Research & Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation (the ROC) was discontinued in 2003; however, many workers' compensation-related articles and websites still refer to it and its reports.

**NOTE: House Bill 7 disbanded the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission (TWCC), effective September 1, 2005, and moved most of its functions to the Division of Workers' Compensation at the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).