Workplace safety: Your role

You have the right to a safe workplace. With that right comes responsibilities.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company works with employers to help them reduce workplace accidents. You can do your part by following these tips.

Don't cut corners. The safest way to do a job is not always the fastest way. Still, most employers will take a missed deadline over a serious accident any day. So don't cut corners when it comes to safety. Slow down, wear your personal protective equipment and follow safety procedures.

Ask questions. Don';t be afraid to admit that you do not understand a safety procedure. Ask a supervisor to give you another hands-on demonstration before you start working. Then, ask him or her to watch you until you do it right.

Report hazards. You know your job better than anyone. If you see safety hazards around the jobsite, report them immediately.

Watch your co-workers' backs. You're responsible for their safety as well as your own.

Kick the habit. Studies have shown that substance abusers, along with their co-workers, are at higher risk of being involved in workplace accidents. If you have problems with drugs or alcohol, get help. Your employer may offer an employee assistance program that provides free counseling.

Take ownership of the safety program. Texas Mutual Insurance Company encourages employers to treat safety as a partnership between them and their employees. Ask your employer if you can participate in the safety program.

Report all injuries promptly. Tell your employer as soon as possible if you get hurt at work, even if your injury is minor. By reporting all injuries promptly, you help ensure that you get timely medical care and return to work as soon as medically reasonable.