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2023 Community Funding

Texas Mutual is committed to strengthening communities, businesses and working families across the state. In 2023, we will be awarding $8 million in grants to nonprofits through two Request for Proposal (RFP) initiatives.

Grant Cycle #1: Generational Learning

Cultivating resiliency and stability for working families

Texas Mutual seeks to invest in initiatives that support generational change in its effort to build a stronger, safer Texas for working families. For the first RFP grant cycle, we’re looking for organizations focused on:

  • Improving the health and wellness of Texas workers and their families by providing access to quality care and health education
  • Strengthening the early childhood education system by ensuring child care providers have the resources needed to deliver access to affordable, quality education for Texas families
  • Providing holistic wraparound support for clients in addition to case management to ensure families have the resources they need to seize opportunities

All grant funds have been allotted. This year, we awarded $4.1 million in grants to 62 organizations.

Skip Redd at work

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Grant Cycle #2: Workforce Development and Safety Training

Fortifying businesses to strengthen the Texas economy

Texas Mutual is seeking to invest in workforce development and safety training initiatives in its effort to build a stronger, safer Texas. For the 2023 grant cycle, we’re looking for organizations focused on:

  • Training the current and future skilled workforce in safe work practices, especially in industries or occupations at higher risk for workplace accidents
  • Creating strong pathways for in-demand middle-skill jobs
  • Upskilling and reskilling adult learners using earn-and-learn initiatives

Applications for our 2023 workforce development and safety training grants are now closed. Our grant committee is currently reviewing applications.

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Be sure to review the 2023 Community Funding Guide (PDF 147KB), which includes FAQs. You can also email communityaffairs@texasmutual.com.

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