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2022 Community Funding

To support Texas communities, businesses and working families, Texas Mutual is committing
$7 million through two Request for Proposal (RFP) initiatives in 2022.

Grant Cycle #1: Generational Learning

Cultivating resiliency and stability for working families

Texas Mutual seeks to invest in initiatives that support generational change in its effort to build a stronger, safer Texas for working families. For the first RFP grant cycle, we’re looking for organizations focused on:

  • Improving the health and wellness of Texas workers and their families by providing access to quality care and health education
  • Strengthening the early childhood education system by ensuring child care providers have the resources needed to deliver access to affordable, quality education for Texas families
  • Providing holistic wrap around support for clients in addition to case management to ensure families have the resources they need to seize opportunities

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All grant funds have been allotted. This year, we awarded
$3.2 million in grants to 48 organizations.

Skip Redd at work

David Silva at work

Grant Cycle #2: Workforce Development and Safety Training

Fortifying businesses to strengthen the Texas economy

Texas Mutual is seeking to invest in workforce development and safety training initiatives in its effort to build a stronger, safer Texas. For the 2022 grant cycle, we’re looking for organizations focused on:

  • Training the current and future skilled workforce in safe work practices, especially in industries or occupations at higher risk for workplace accidents
  • Creating strong pathways for in-demand middle-skill jobs
  • Upskilling and reskilling adult learners using earn-and-learn initiatives

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Applications are now open until 11:59 p.m. CDT on Friday, September 23.


Be sure to review the 2022 Community Funding Guide (PDF 247KB), which includes FAQs, and attend an informational webinar. You can also email communityaffairs@texasmutual.com.

See where we delivered generational learning grants and workforce development grants through our 2021 RFPs.

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