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Workers' Compensation Basics

Costs & Benefits

How we determine your premium

We estimate your premium at the beginning of each annual policy. Like all workers' compensation insurance carriers, when we calculate premiums, we take your experience modifier rate, or e-mod, into account. An e-mod looks at your safety record by comparing your losses with those expected for a business with similar risks and payroll size.

Working with your agent, we’ll determine if you can be placed into an industry-specific safety group, which can offer a discount of up to 12%, and whether you will participate in our health care network, an additional savings of 12%. 

Overall, workers' compensation rates in Texas have decreased by 63% since 2005, according to the Texas Department of Insurance, making it a better time than ever to get coverage.

calculating your premium

How your experience modifier is calculated

Watch our video to learn more about your e-mod and how it affects your premium.


Earn a dividend as a policyholder owner

On average, 80% of policyholders earn an annual dividend. When you buy workers’ compensation from Texas Mutual, you are not only buying protection for your business and employees. You are also becoming an owner of Texas Mutual. Our policyholder-owners have the opportunity to receive dividends, just as stockholders of publicly traded companies do.

We love the chance to reward policyholders across the state who are working hard to prioritize safety. Our dividend program rewards businesses that keep their employees safe and losses low. We’ve distributed over $4.4 billion to Texas businesses since 1999.

Dividends are based on performance, are not guaranteed, and must comply with Texas Department of Insurance regulations.

Texas Mutual helps you control your workers' comp costs

icon  Cost-saving health care network

Texas Mutual policyholders can receive a 12% premium discount by participating in our health care network. When injured workers use network medical providers and pharmacies, they get quality care — and you help control the costs associated with workplace injuries. We make it easy to find network medical resources online.

icon  Safety expertise and materials

Texas Mutual offers safety resources that help policyholders create safer workplaces, at no additional charge. As a  policyholder, you’ll get access to safety training materials and videos you can use or customize. Consultations with our safety experts can help you identify risks, take preventive action, and formulate your own safety and return-to-work programs.

icon  Fraud protection for your business

While workers’ comp fraud is not the norm, it is harmful and raises costs for all over time. That’s why we have dedicated fraud teams that investigate every referral they receive and identify and prevent millions of dollars in fraud each year. Your peace of mind – and your bottom line – are their top priority.

icon  Efficient claims management

Our effective claims management helps you minimize the expense of workers' comp. By working with you, offering compassionate care to injured workers and proactively selecting network providers who have proven outcomes, we help employees return to work and a productive life. 

Does my business need workers' comp?

Learn the basics of protecting your workers — and your business.

What happens after
I get a policy?

We make it easy to manage your policy and any claims online.

Need help getting started?

Ask your insurance agent about workers' compensation with Texas Mutual. If you need help finding an agent, we can help you connect with one.

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