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TXM for Texas

Through our community program, TXM for Texas, we focus on the communities where our employees live and work—Austin, Dallas, Houston and Lubbock—and strategically support organizations all across Texas that are making an impact in their areas. 

Workforce training and development    Generational learning
Disaster response    Empowering our communities

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Fortifying Texas businesses
for the future

We connect employers and workers across the state with resources, training and opportunities that help them work safely and build the workforce of tomorrow. It’s good for individuals, good for businesses and good for communities.

2022 workforce development and safety training grants

Cultivating resiliency and stability across Texas

We're not just improving the lives of Texans today—we're strengthening individuals so that they can impact their communities for years to come. Through grants, scholarships and educational and wellness initiatives, we're helping people change their future.

2022 grants for generational learning


Texas Mutual volunteers

Ready to help our neighbors

As an insurance provider, we know how impactful disaster can be to companies and communities. When disaster strikes, we respond thoughtfully to help those who rely on us.

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Deeply rooted in our communities

We serve businesses across Texas, which means that their communities are our communities. Through employee volunteering and sponsorships, we create strong connections to the people and places that need us most. Our commitments to the United Way, American Heart Association, MS 150, Meals on Wheels and Ronald McDonald House are just a few examples of the passion our employees have for giving back.

Texas Mutual in the community


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Our commitment in action

As our communities continued to navigate the effects of COVID-19, Texas Mutual remained focused on our commitment to take care of Texans. With our financial strength and stability, we're able to put this into action.
See our 2021 financial highlights.

2021 Financial Highlights (PDF 696KB)

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