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Through our partnership with Argo, we’re proud to offer coverage to all your employees, including those who work at your locations outside of Texas. We chose Argo as an extension of the quality care you can expect with your Texas Mutual policy. 

Read on to learn how claims will work with Argo and what to expect with billing. 

Interested in coverage for your out-of-state locations?
Talk to your agent to learn more and see if you're eligible for other states coverage. 

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How claims will work

Any injuries that occur in the other state in which you have coverage will be managed and processed through Argo. See what you need to know about claims for your out-of-state business.

Access your Argo account

We recommend that you create an Argo account so you can easily report an injury online if it occurs outside of Texas. With your Argo account, you can also download loss runs, view claim information and more. 

Create an Argo account or log in

Report an out-of-state injury

You can always report an out-of-state claim to Texas Mutual, but for the most efficient service, we recommend you report directly to Argo online or call (800) 820-3903.

Report an injury to Argo

View microlearning on how to report to Argo

Learn the state-specific requirements

Every state is different when it comes to workers' comp. Argo helps you know what is needed for your out-of-state business with their state-specific Claims Kits, which include:

  • Filing deadlines for the state your claim is in
  • Pharmacy benefits information
  • Forms
  • Required postings

Go to Claims Kit

What to expect with billing

When you get an Argo policy for your business in another state, we work with Argo to help simplify your overall workers’ comp experience.

billing icon  Combined billing

All billing for your Texas policy and your other states policies will be combined on the invoices you receive in the mail from Texas Mutual.

details icon  Billing details and information

Log in to your Texas Mutual account to view your latest billing information.

audit icon  Final audit

Toward the end of your policy term, Texas Mutual will conduct the final audits for both your Texas Mutual policy and your Argo policy.

questions icon  Questions?

Contact us at (800) 859-5995 if you have any questions about your billing or policy. We’re here to help.

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