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Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of on-the-job injury and death for our policyholders' employees, but you can prevent them among your fleet with StriveSafe. Texas Mutual policyholders have access to this simple and effective tool at a discounted rate of 50% off.  

Our own organization has utilized StriveSafe vehicle monitoring on company vehicles, resulting in a 60% improvement in our employees' safe driving behavior. Over the past 12 years, StriveSafe users have found up to a 90% reduction in motor vehicle accidents and cost savings of up to a gallon of gas per day per vehicle. These results are why we recommend this program to our policyholders.

StriveSafe's interactive tools

How StriveSafe works

StriveSafe provides direct feedback to drivers about their highest indicators of risk: speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration. 

StriveSafe can be purchased online and is easy to set up. Simply insert a plug-and-play hardware device into the diagnostic port for both heavy and light vehicles. U.S.-based, award-winning customer care services are also available. 

Good for you and your drivers

Immediate feedback reminds drivers to avoid high-risk behaviors in the moment and positively changes behavior over time.

StriveSafe also provides real-time location tracking and vehicle information to employers, helping businesses save money by improving vehicle and driver utilization, reducing idling, lowering maintenance costs and decreasing fuel consumption. 

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Visit StriveSafe online to take advantage of your exclusive 50% discount as a Texas Mutual policyholder. 

You can learn more with our 90 second overview video or our information sheet.

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