Texas Schools Group

If you have clients in any of the class codes below, find out if they qualify for the Texas Mutual Texas Schools Safety Group. You increase your book of business. Your clients get premium discounts, industry-specific safety services, and possible group dividends.

Dividend history by year

2005 $40,606
2006 $34,280
2007 $256,134
2008 $498,348
2009 $397,477
2010 $312,893
2011 $194,743
2012 $314,031
2013 $161,497
2014 $74,834
2015 $163,909
2016 $278,337
Total $2,727,089

Safety Groups reach 100 percent of their dividend potential in their third year.

*NOTE: Dividends are based on performance, are not guaranteed and must comply with Texas Department of Insurance regulations.

Qualifying class codes

Qualifying class codes included in the Texas Schools Group program are 8868 and 9101.

Contact information

For more information about the Texas Schools Group Safety Group, email Philip Bruce, or call Philip Bruce or Stomi J. Calloway at (325) 673-6414.

For more information about Safety Groups, contact us at (800) 859-5995.