Help your clients in the lumber industry maximize their workers' comp savings and benefits with the Texas Lumber & Wood Products Safety Group.

Qualifying class codes

2702, 2710, 2719, 2731, 2802, 2881, 4206, 5437, 6219, 8231


When you enroll your client in a safety group, they have the potential to earn an additional dividend based on the group's performance. See the group's last five years of dividends:

Year Dividend
2019 $274,677
2018 $342,040
2017 $258,436
2016 $177,147
2015 $73,699

Dividends are based on performance and are not guaranteed.

Premium discount

Your clients receive 12.2% to 12.4% off their premium when they join the safety group.

Customized safety resources

Your clients can take their safety program to the next level with industry-specific resources including a safety plan and e-Learning courses.

Workplace Dangers in the Lumber and Wood Products Industry

Read our article on dangers in the industry and see how this safety group can lower employer costs and help keep your employees safe on the job.