April 19, 2017

Making safety a part of your company culture is a team effort, but it starts with leadership providing the right tools and training for employees. From wearing proper gear to maintaining equipment to receiving proper training, the foundation of safety is laid by employers. That’s why Texas Mutual Insurance Company works hard to give employers the resources and tools they need to help keep their workforce safe, and it’s why we recently introduced a free online learning management system called e-Learning. The e-Learning system, an online training tool with video courses and comprehension quizzes, is a refreshing and innovative new way to teach workplace safety.

Here are five reasons you should start taking advantage of this free tool in your workplace:

  1. Training that fits your business. With more than 200 courses to choose from, e-Learning lets you pick the training that benefits your employees the most. If you have a number of employees who are regularly behind the wheel, you can assign driving safety courses to them specifically. Or, if only a couple of team members operate equipment in the warehouse, e-Learning courses can give them the training they need. We are continually adding new courses to the e-Learning catalog.
  2. Assign at your convenience. You can assign training when you have the time to, and set deadlines that fit your employees’ schedules. They can log in to the learner portal at any time and manage their own training. Courses average about 20 minutes per session, so it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule.
  3. Keep your employees engaged in safety. e-Learning courses are designed to keep users engaged throughout a session with interactive content and visuals. Periodic check-ups in the course keep your employees focused on the content, so you can feel confident they are getting the information they need to perform their job safely.
  4. Track progress. Each session is accompanied by a quiz at the end, so you can see how employees performed. You can view their progress and download training reports, which can help with OSHA reporting requirements, as well as maintaining your company’s own records.
  5. Find areas for improvement. When you conduct safety meetings or training, it can be difficult to know who is absorbing the content and who isn’t. With e-Learning, you can easily identify where employees are having trouble, and which team members need some extra training. In-depth reports show how long an employee spent on training, and you’ll have access to other progress-tracking tools. With this information, you can tailor in-person training to meet specific needs.

Ready to give e-Learning a try? Login to texasmutual.com, click the Safety Resources tab and choose e-Learning. For further assistance, call Texas Mutual’s safety services support center at 844-WORKSAFE.