New manufacturing VR training available for Safety in a Box

March 13, 2018

In 2016, Texas Mutual took a chance on a new way to look at safety – with a 360 degree view through a virtual reality construction training tool. And now, two years later, we're expanding this innovative training tool to include manufacturing industry as well. With Safety in a Box, a Google cardboard viewer, and its accompanying mobile app with construction and manufacturing simulations, you can experience workplace hazards without actually putting yourself at risk.

Safety in a Box cardboard viewerNew manufacturing simulation
The newest VR simulation shows common injuries in the manufacturing industry and helps educate users on how to prevent similar incidents in their workplace. You can access the new training simulation by downloading the Safety in a Box mobile app. Simply update the app to access the new manufacturing training if you already have the app downloaded on your phone. Learn proper lockout/tagout procedures that prevent injuries and death from working with automated equipment, how to prevent slip and trip injuries and how to safely work around a moving forklift.

We first introduced the tool with four simulations related to the construction industry: struck by, falling from height, electrocution and caught in/between. You can access both the manufacturing and construction environments through the mobile app.

How to use Safety in a Box
Safety in a Box uses a Google Cardboard viewer for engaging in the VR experience. You can download the mobile app to any smartphone, insert the phone into the viewer and immediately become part of several virtual worksites. The simulations are available in English and Spanish, and are accessible with or without the Google Cardboard viewer.

Pairing the Google Cardboard viewer with a user’s smartphone makes Safety in a Box a portable training tool, one that is easy for users to access on the jobsite or on the go. Watch the video for a demonstration of using Safety in a Box:

Helping employers prevent workplace accidents is an important part of Texas Mutual’s mission. Safety in a Box takes a different approach to the common workplace safety training videos through an immersive VR experience to promote safety in the workplace.