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We’re your partner in fraud prevention and protection.

Business is better with Texas Mutual

With the largest fraud team in the state, our work helps to protect the integrity of the workers’ compensation system which benefits all Texas businesses. From claimant fraud to health care provider fraud, we know what to watch for and our teams are diligent in uncovering and preventing fraud that could impact your bottom line.


What is workers' comp fraud?

Fraud is when a bad actor tries to take advantage of the workers’ compensation system. Claimants can take advantage by falsifying injuries, agents may misrepresent risks on behalf of their clients, and medical providers can overbill for services. Our teams are specialized in investigating claimant, health care and premium fraud.

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Texas Mutual means business

Over the last year alone, our Special Investigations Department has been hard at work, resulting in 29 indictments, 33 convictions and over $13.5 million in recoveries and restitution for our policyholders. Because at Texas Mutual, we work vigilantly to investigate and prevent fraud that could drive up your workers' comp premium and impact your bottom line.

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Zero tolerance for fraud

We have a zero-tolerance fraud policy, and you can count on Texas Mutual to fight fraud that could drive up your workers’ comp premium. Our fraud teams are ready to help. To report suspected fraud, you can notify your adjuster or contact our fraud team directly at or call (800) 488-4488.

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Making workers' comp work for you

See how we help Texas businesses control costs and prioritize safety.

What makes workers' comp so important?

Find out about this comprehensive safety net for your business.

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Ask your insurance agent about workers' compensation with Texas Mutual. If you need help finding an agent, we can help you connect with one.

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