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We care about your injured employees as much as you do.

Taking care of your people is how we take care of your business

If someone gets hurt on the job, our do-the-right-thing, proactive claims approach gives them the timely care and compassion they deserve. With regular updates to you and them, no one has to wonder what happens next. And injured workers in particular stay motivated and involved. It’s something we call Mutual Care.


Cost-saving health care network

When you have to file a workers’ comp claim, we’re there every step of the way.  We provide easy access to our own health care network of medical providers who specialize in on-the-job injuries and know exactly what to do when an employee is hurt. Our network, called WorkWell, TX, helps ensure your employees get the right care as quickly as possible through a process that’s as seamless as possible for them and for you.

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managing claims

Improve outcomes with proactive and compassionate claims handling

Effective claims handling is a shared priority with our policyholders. With prompt care and regular touchpoints, we help injured employees get back to work and productive life as soon as possible. This approach can lead to better outcomes for your business, too. Lower claims costs can not only help future premiums, but seeing co-workers receive timely and compassionate care can have a positive effect on workplace morale and productivity.

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Your business is safer, stronger, better with Texas Mutual

At Texas Mutual, our highest priority is to help you keep your employees safe on the job. But when someone gets hurt, from the smallest reportable injury to a life-changing event, our claims team leads first with care — the same care they would show a family member or friend. And we deliver that compassionate care with efficiency. That responsiveness is just one of the ways that we take care of your people and your business.

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Making workers’ comp work for you

See how we help Texas businesses control costs and prioritize safety.

What makes workers’ comp so important?

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