Dividends make
your business


For Texas business owners, our dividend program is something to smile about

This summer, Texas Mutual Insurance Company put smiles on the faces of more than 67,000 employers. That means a lot to us. But what means even more is that we made 67,000 Texas businesses safer, stronger and better.

You see, by sending $330 million in dividends to safe-working policyholders across the state, we helped businesses improve their bottom lines. That additional revenue allows companies to do more for their employees and their customers. And when you consider that this is the 24th consecutive year in which we’ve distributed a dividend — well, no wonder our policyholders are smiling.



Partnering with a workers’ comp provider who
pays dividends is a rewarding experience.


Since 1999, our dividend program has paid Texas businesses more than $3.7 billion. And by providing a financial incentive to work safe, we’re helping policyholders keep their workers on the job, maintain productivity and build a more successful future.

For 30 years, Texas Mutual has been protecting workers and businesses in practically every industry in Texas. Our dividend program is just one of the ways we can help make your business safer, stronger and better. To learn more about how better workers' comp protects your people and your business, visit our safety resources page.