Helping our policyholders control their workers’ comp costs is an important part of what we do. One way we put that into action many years ago was by offering a health care network option, the Texas Star Network, contracted through a third-party administrator. Now, we’re improving this area even further with the launch of our own network called WorkWell, TX.

Watch the video below to learn more about our new network.


WorkWell, TX network resources

What’s changing?

In WorkWell, TX, Texas Mutual contracts directly with providers, allowing us to select only those who offer the highest quality care and are focused on helping injured workers return to a productive life. This will lead to quicker return to work, a better experience for our policyholders and their employees, and lower claim costs. We look forward to offering our policyholders and their employees an exceptional level of care, and even better results with our new network.

How will the transition happen?

As we make this network change, policyholders can expect a smooth transition. Those who use the network option will still receive a 12 percent network discount. All injuries occurring January 1, 2018 or later will be treated in the WorkWell, TX network, while injuries that occurred before that date will continue to be treated in the Texas Star Network.

Read below for more details about the transition:

  • WorkWell, TX serves the same counties that the Texas Star Network serves.
  • Reporting injuries, locating providers and working with Texas Mutual will work in the same way as it did in the Texas Star Network.
  • You can find a provider on the WorkWell, TX provider directory. We have selected providers for WorkWell, TX based on their treatment outcomes and our experience with them. Proven provider success will lead to even greater success for you and your employees.

What will policyholders need to do?

Employers will be required to post a new Notice of Network Requirements (available in English and Spanish). Each employee must sign a new acknowledgement form, which they have the option to do electronically through our e-Learning tool. Employers have until December 31, 2018 to have these forms completed and placed in employees’ files.