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2022 Year in Review

30 years collage

30 years of stability and safety

Since our creation in 1991, our commitment to being a stable source of workers’ compensation insurance for Texas employers and building a stronger, safer Texas has never wavered. Thirty years later, as the state’s leading workers’ comp provider and insurer of last resort, we are a strong presence in the market and are making great strides in creating safer workplaces. In 2022, we celebrated our 30th anniversary and reached a milestone of supporting 75,000 Texas businesses and their 1.5 million employees. This milestone is a testament to the hard work of our 981 employees and 8,939 agent partners.

Making businesses safer, stronger

Since writing our first policy in 1992, our mission has remained the same. We exist to protect businesses, promote safe environments and help employees get home safely. With our safety resources, approach to claims handling, cost-saving health care network and dividend program, we’ve been helping make businesses safer, stronger and better for 30 years.

24 years of dividends

Mutual Care for injured employees

Our WorkWell, TX network

Alyssa Peters

Our claims adjusters, like Alyssa Peters, handle workers' comp injury claims proactively and compassionately.

Texas Mutual leaders

Texas Mutual employees deliver a special message of thanks to our agent partners across the state.

Strengthening our agent partnerships

We’ve spent 30 years working hand in hand with agents to protect Texas businesses and have built lifetime relationships in the process. We rely on our agents, and we’re committed to using our resources to help them succeed. Thank you for being our trusted partners for 30 years and counting.

Agent thank you message

5-Star Workers’ Compensation award

Dividends that lead to retention

Investing in our communities

Each year we have a renewed desire to serve our communities and make them better places to live and work. Through our strategic focus on generational learning, workforce development and safety training, disaster response and community building, we’re proud to share how we moved the needle in 2022, while also reflecting on the work ahead.

$3.2M in generational learning grants

$357,587 in student scholarships

$3.5M in workforce development grants

$1.1M in safety education grants

$2M in policyholder safety grants

808 hours volunteered by employees for Week of Giving

$90,733 raised for annual MS 150 fundraiser

$190,256 raised for annual United Way fundraiser

week of giving

Our Austin employees participate in our first-ever family volunteer event during Week of Giving.

Company awards & recognition

As we look toward the future, we’ve never been more confident in the foundation we set for the company 30 years ago and the partnerships we’ve built along the way. We know we’re stronger together and are looking forward to continuing to responsibly lead the market, keep our system stable and be a force for good in our communities for the next 30 years.

"A" financial strength rating and "a+" issuer credit rating affirmed - A.M. Best

2022 Best Company to Work for in Texas - Best Companies

5-Star Workers’ Compensation award winner – Insurance Business America

Ward’s 50 Best Performing Property Casualty Insurers – Ward Group

2022 Our Driving Concern Traffic Safety Award Exemplary Recipient – National Safety Council and Texas Department of Transportation

2022 Can Do! Organization – Wilkinson Center

Best Place for Working Parents designation – Early Matters Greater Austin