October 24, 2019

Workplace safety can be achieved by establishing safety training, incorporating safety programs and utilizing proper safety equipment. You can also enhance the safety of your business by implementing a wellness program. Studies show that healthier employees tend to be safer at work and they help their employers save money on workers' comp claims, health care costs and lost-time costs.

At Texas Mutual, we're committed to helping our policyholders maintain safe and healthy workplaces. That's why we partnered with Naturally Slim, an online behavioral weight loss program, to offer wellness grants to our policyholders, opening November 1. Watch our video to learn more about the Texas Mutual grant program and partnership with Naturally Slim.


Proven results with Naturally Slim

Naturally Slim, a world-class program, partners with hundreds of companies like the UT System and American Airlines to help their employees lose weight, improve their quality of life and lower their risk of disease and injury. More than 70% of employees who participated in the program across the nation felt in control of their weight and were more physically active. Additionally, over 60% of employees reported experiencing a confidence boost and an increase in energy levels. Participants in our 2018 pilot program also saw positive results with over 1,000 employees collectively losing almost 4,600 pounds within the first ten weeks.

Wellness grant applications open November 1

Texas Mutual is proud to partner with Naturally Slim to award hundreds of wellness grants to our policyholders. Starting November 1, Texas Mutual policyholders can apply to receive the program for their eligible employees at texasmutual.com/grants. Grant recipients receive a 12-month behavioral weight loss program that includes 10 weeks of Naturally Slim's foundation, seven bi-weekly videos for reinforcement and six monthly videos for maintenance. We recommend you apply as soon as the application opens, as applications are processed in the order they are received. For grant details, read our 2019 Wellness Grant Program Guide.

We encourage you to apply and take advantage of our wellness grant program to help make a positive impact on the wellness and safety of your workforce. Promoting healthier, happier and safer employees is just one way we're building a stronger, safer Texas.