August 29, 2023

Texas Mutual and its health subsidiary announce new details including company name and plans for market launch

Texicare logo

Texas Mutual and its new health-focused affiliate announced the name of the subsidiary, ‘Texicare,’ as well as updates on the company’s development. Texicare is on track to begin offering health insurance plans in the second quarter of next year, subject to regulatory approval. The new company has been created to develop and deliver health care solutions that meet the diverse needs of Texas businesses, employees and their families.

Texicare’s mission is to provide innovative solutions that increase access to more affordable, easy-to-use, quality health care for Texas businesses and employees. The company will provide small businesses with health coverage solutions at a lower cost with fixed monthly premiums. As such, the company intends to make the process of managing health care less burdensome for these businesses and more responsive for their employees.

In 2021, the Texas Legislature authorized Texas Mutual to create a subsidiary that would offer health insurance or other alternative health benefit coverage to Texas businesses. In 2022, the Texas Mutual board of directors approved the creation of this subsidiary and soon after named Meredith Duncan as its chief executive officer. The Texicare team is committed to supporting small businesses across the state of Texas, many of whom are not able to provide health insurance for their employees today.

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