How to contact us

Online Services Availability

Texas Mutual password-protected online services are available to agents and policyholders between 6 a.m. and midnight seven days a week. Login here.

By email

If you are insured by us or are writing about a specific policy, please include the policy number and the business name for the policy in your email message.

Report a claim Complete First Report of Injury or call (800) TX-CLAIM (892-5246).
Safety services support center - free service for policyholders
Questions about a quote, coverage,  policy or premium audit
Workers' compensation claim information.
Include the claim number, the name of the injured worker, and the name of the adjuster (if known)
To send claim-related documents
Premium audit information
To report suspected fraud; see what information our investigators need
Email applications from agents 
Send an Acord® 125/130 along with the supporting information for a complete submission. If you include an Agent of Record letter, add "AOR" in the email subject line for priority processing.
Agent licensing or agency information updates
Employment opportunities at Texas Mutual Visit our careers page.
To report problems with this website
General information

By phone

Automated phone services

Agents, employers, and injured workers can use our toll-free, automated phone services at (800) 859-5995 between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. to:

  • Check the status of a quote or policy, including issue date, policy period and payment information
  • Retrieve return premium payment information, including check number and issue date
  • Verify claim number and assigned adjuster
  • Find out the status of a benefit check

Health care providers can use our toll-free, automated phone services at (888) 532-5246 between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. to:

  • Confirm receipt of a bill and find out processing status
  • Retrieve payment information, including processed date, check number and paid amount
  • Verify claim number and assigned adjuster
  • Check the status of a preauthorization request
  • Verify whether a claim or policy is in-network or out-of-network
  • Learn how to apply to participate in our certified workers' comp health care network option

Other phone numbers

Health care provider referral service (800) 381-8067
Main number (800) 859-5995
Corporate (512) 224-3800
Report an injury

(800) TX-CLAIM (892-5246)
Use this number to report a
catastrophic injury at any time

Submissions (800) 859-5995
Health care providers (888) 53-CLAIM (532-5246)
Fraud Stoppers hotline (800) 488-4488
Safety services support center 844-WORKSAFE (967-5723)
Toll-free preauthorization (888) 532-5246
Austin regional office (512) 505-6000
Houston regional office (713) 316-2100
Dallas regional office (214) 689-8400
Lubbock regional office (806) 798-4700
TTY device For TTY device, dial 711

If you need help using any Texas Mutual online service, you may call a Texas Mutual representative at (800) 859-5995 during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays). If our site is not functioning properly, and it is after hours, please call (800) 859-5995 and select extension 2892 to report the system problem.

By fax

Report an injury (877) 404-7999
Claim information (512) 224-3889
Loss run requests (800) 359-0650
Premium audit (512) 224-3011
Toll-free preauthorization (800) 852-1805
Underwriting (800) 359-0650

By mail

Attn: Underwriting
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
P.O. Box 12058
Austin, Texas 78711-2058

Overnight mail
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
2200 Aldrich St.
Austin, Texas 78723-3474
Corporate office
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
2200 Aldrich St.
Austin, Texas 78723-3474
Benefit services (Claims)
Attn: Claims
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
P.O. Box 12029
Austin, Texas 78711-2029
Premium payments
Attn: Policy Accounting
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
P.O. Box 841843
Dallas, Texas 75284-1843
(for those applying
directly for coverage
Attn: Direct Unit
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
P.O. Box 12058
Austin, Texas 78711-2058

Appearances before board of directors

Texas Mutual Insurance Company provides to members of the public a reasonable opportunity to appear before its Board of Directors to speak on issues within the company's jurisdiction.

To request an appearance before the Board:

  1. Send an email to
  2. In your email, specify in detail all of the issues you want to speak about.
  3. Allow the company's President 30 days to review your request.
  4. An appearance will not be granted to someone who is a party to litigation with the Company

The President will notify you of the date, time and location of the Board meeting at which you will have the opportunity to speak, along with any conditions.

Complaints and service problems

If you have a complaint or a concern regarding a Texas Mutual service or process, we want to hear from you. Click here for detailed information.