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In 2021, Texas Mutual distributed $330 million in dividends to over 57,000 policyholders. We’re proud to support our policyholders for their commitment to keeping their workers safe during a tough year. As we look back at 2020, we’re grateful you trusted Texas Mutual to serve you and protect your business and your people.


Ownership pays

Our dividend distribution has always been about more than our financial success. It gets to the heart of consistently rewarding our policyholders for sharing in our mission of building safer workplaces.

$3.4 billion paid in dividends
since 1999

Sharing our financial strength

We have distributed dividends for 23 consecutive years, bringing the payout total to over $3.4 billion. We choose year after year to reward qualifying policyholders who contribute toward keeping employees safe and losses low. When an employer purchases a policy at Texas Mutual, they are not just buying financial security for themselves and their employees. They're also becoming owners of Texas Mutual.

As a policyholder, you can improve your chance of qualifying for a dividend by prioritizing safety and putting a return to work program in place. We are here to help.

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For many policyholders, dividends are key to managing their workers' comp costs. Dividends give more control over the total cost to the policyholder because they are based on the policyholder's loss experience.

They also give us the chance to recognize our policyholders across the state who are working hard to keep employees safe and workers' comp costs low. Because that's a commitment that deserves to be rewarded.

Qualifying for a dividend

Whether you’re a new policyholder or have been with us for several years, you can qualify for a dividend. We offer three types of dividends for policyholders who have a current, in-force policy and are in good standing with us.

Individual dividends

We reward policyholders by providing them with two different ways to earn a dividend. Safety, paid through the annual component, and loyalty, paid through the retention component, are at the core of a Texas Mutual dividend. By putting safety first and having an acceptable loss ratio for your policy that expired in the previous year, you can earn the annual component.

When you keep choosing to do business with us, you deserve to be rewarded for that loyalty. We reward your trust in us when you qualify for the retention component of the dividend. We recognize policyholders who choose Texas Mutual year after year by rewarding current policyholders for up to four previous, consecutive years of acceptable, combined loss ratios ending with the policy that expired in the previous calendar year. 

Historically, Texas Mutual has paid individual dividends in June.

Early qualifier dividends

We recognize newer policyholders who are putting in the effort to build a safer workplace. Even if you haven’t been with us long enough to earn an individual dividend, we reward your commitment to safety. These dividends are paid separately in November. Each year, we recognize between 2,500 and 4,000 newer policyholders with over $3 million in early qualifier dividends.

Safety group dividends

Policyholders who are safety group members can also qualify for a group dividend if the group has a favorable loss history. By coming together to form safer workplaces, safety group members can potentially earn both an individual and group dividend from Texas Mutual. In 2020, Texas Mutual paid $18.9 million in safety group dividends.

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Dividends are based on performance, are not guaranteed and must comply with Texas Department of Insurance regulations.

Receiving a dividend

For 2021 individual dividends, we mailed dividend checks directly to qualifying policyholders on June 25. You or your agent can log in to Texas Mutual Online to see dividend information. Early qualifier dividends, which are paid to qualifying newer policyholders, are paid in November.

We currently do not offer direct deposit. We can reissue checks if you misplace or accidently discard it. Contact our Information Services Center for more information.

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Explore safety groups

Safety group members can earn an additional dividend. See if a safety group is a good fit for you to maximize your dividend potential.

Prioritizing safety

Reducing safety risks can help you earn a dividend. Our safety experts are here to help you take the first step in building a safer workplace.

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