On the Job

Celebrating the People
Who Make Texas Work

Texas Mutual would like to introduce you to some of the people we’re proud to keep safe in workplaces throughout the state.

They are a ballet dancer, a museum director, a quality control engineer, an event manager, a safety specialist, a commercial roofer, a music teacher, a truck driver, a family services advocate and a brake press operator. But to us, they’re Paige, Sylvia, Peter, Beverly, Russ, Nallely, Skip, Danny, Kim and David.

And they’re much more than their jobs.

We met them as we traveled the state getting to know workers in various occupations across Texas. We learned a lot about their jobs, and even more about their lives. For example, David has been working with metal for 40 years — a skill he learned from his father. Russ flew bombers during the Korean War. Paige likes to bake. Peter is a wakeboarder. Danny raises horses. We listened as they talked about things that were important to them, like getting together with friends and spending time with their families.

“The goal is to get home 100% healthy to your wife and kids every day. That’s everything,” said David, the brake press operator.

Kim, the family services advocate, put it another way.

“My number one priority is my son. He’s all I have and I’m all he has. I work safe for him.”

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For these Texans, working safe isn’t a burden, it’s a way of ensuring they can continue to do the things they enjoy. So they follow safety procedures, wear their PPE (personal protective equipment), hydrate, communicate, stay aware of potential hazards and focus on the tasks they’re performing. It’s embedded in their routine.

As an employer, you know your workers aren’t just part of your company, they’re part of your life. They’re the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and neighbors who make our days better, our communities stronger, and Texas an even greater place to live and work. By keeping your people safe, you’re protecting your business — and much, much more.

They’re just some of the very important reasons Texas Mutual is changing the way workers’ comp works for you. To see their stories, visit our Profiles page.

Texas Mutual’s On The Job series is a celebration of the people who make Texas work. We’re glad to know them, and proud to be on the job with 1.5 million of them every day. We want to express our deep appreciation to Paige Nyman, Texas Ballet Theater, Peter Bosma, Tigé Boats, Beverly Horne, Vestals Catering/Furlough Kitchen, Russ Grunewald, Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Nallely Villanueva, KPost Roofing and Waterproofing, Dr. Skip Redd, Life High School, Danny Vowell, Basden Steel Corporation, Kim Fields, Child Care Associates and David Silva, Steelhead, Inc.

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Sharing stories of
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Since 2019, we’ve been featuring the stories of our policyholders, like you, and their employees. We’re proud to highlight these Texans who share a commitment to safety and are doing meaningful work. Get to know more hard-working Texans across the state.

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