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We're on the job with 1.5 million Texans
and we're proud to share their stories.

Every day, Texas Mutual is on the job with 1.5 million hard-working individuals across the state. They’re not just employees, they’re mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, friends and neighbors. Each one is important – and each one of them has a story to tell.

Employees throughout Texas

Celebrating the People
Who Make Texas Work

Texas Mutual would like to introduce you to some of the people we're proud to keep safe in workplaces throughout the state. And they're much more than their jobs.

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Paige Nyman

Paige Nyman

Texas Ballet Theater | Dallas | Ft. Worth

Paige is a dancer with Texas Ballet Theater and she spends her days exercising, practicing her technique and making sure she and her partners are on the same page. It’s how she avoids any surprises during a performance — and how she avoids injuries.

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Peter Bosma

Peter Bosma

Tigé Boats | Abilene

At Tigé Boats, Peter Bosma is helping protect his coworkers — and his community. When COVID-19 caused an economic shutdown in Texas, Peter's job changed. Suddenly, he and his team weren’t making boats — they were helping make people safer. The company stepped up to produce personal protective equipment for the community's frontline workers.

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Beverly Horne

Beverly Horne

Vestals Catering | Furlough Kitchen | Dallas

Beverly is one of the thousands of Texas workers designated as “essential” during the coronavirus shutdown. It’s an extraordinary designation for a caterer, and it happened because Vestals Catering made an extraordinary change. Vestals joined with Front Burner Restaurants to create an entirely new entity — Furlough Kitchen.

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Russ Grunewald

Russ Grunewald

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Russ is the Chairman of the Safety Committee for the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo and has been walking these grounds for 25 years. “We might have 150,000 people here if it’s a nice day on a weekend and you have to be ready for anything. But we’re watching out for the employees as much as the visitors.”

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Nallely Villanueva

Nallely Villanueva

KPost Roofing & Waterproofing | Dallas

Nallely is a commercial roofer. On the job, she keeps the area clean and organized, makes sure materials are where they need to be and helps install the roof. She takes a lot of pride in her work. Because Nallely and her crewmates work safe, KPost has received dividends from Texas Mutual, their workers’ comp provider.

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Skip Redd

Dr. Skip Redd

Life High School | Waxahachie

Dr. Redd teaches music at Life High School Waxahachie. Handling band and choir keeps him busy, but he enjoys being involved in both roles and he is passionate about being there for his students. On April 6, 2017, Dr. Redd’s life was forever changed on a school field trip.

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Danny Vowell

Danny Vowell

Basden Steel | Burleson

Danny’s been a truck driver for nearly 40 years, the last two with Basden Steel Corporation, a 35-year old manufacturing firm that provides steel fabrication and erection services for the construction industry. On January 14, Danny suffered multiple injuries when he slipped while stepping off the truck. Texas Mutual was there for Danny to help him get back on the job.

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Kim Fields

Kim Fields

Child Care Associates | Fort Worth

Child Care Associates is the largest child development nonprofit in North Texas with 26 campuses throughout the region. Kim is a family services advocate and takes pride in her employers' commitment to keeping her safe on the job. It's a commitment that has helped Child Care Associates receive dividends from Texas Mutual.

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David Silva

David Silva

Steelhead, Inc. | San Antonio

David Silva is a strong man—strong on experience, strong on family, strong on safety. When he says he can bend steel, it’s not a boast. It’s his job description. For Steelhead, protecting their employees is a top priority. We're proud to partner with Steelead and help them prevent on-the-job injuries.

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