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Webinars and Microlearning

Our webinars and microlearning courses give you quick information and training to help you better serve your clients. Explore our courses below to brush up on topics like misinterpreted class codes or classification roles for executive officers.

Webinars are hosted several times a year. Check this page for upcoming opportunities, or watch for email announcements.

Past webinars

What to Expect from an OSHA Inspection: Tips for Producers

Watch this webinar to learn how to help your clients prepare for an Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) inspection.

Payments, Invoices and Statements: What You Need to Know About Texas Mutual's Upcoming System Enhancements

We’re improving your clients’ experience through online enhancements. See how this affects payments, policyholder invoicing and commission statements.

Premium Audit Basics

Become a resource for your clients when they go through a premium audit by learning about how they can prepare for a successful audit process.

Commonly Misinterpreted Class Codes

Check out this webinar for a list of the most commonly misinterpreted class codes assembled by our premium audit department.

Independent Contractor or Employee?

How do you determine if a worker is an independent contractor or an employee? Find out what the Texas Labor Code says about independent contractors to help you spot the difference.


Agent microlearning is a new training tool that you can access at any time you need a refresher. Unlike a webinar, microlearning takes less than 10 minutes to review and you can progress at your own pace.

Workers' compensation policy coverage

In this microlearning, learn about the three sections of a workers' compensation policy. We'll review medical and indemnity coverage, employers liability and other states operations.

Coverage options in Texas

Gain a better understanding of the different types of coverage options in Texas. See how workers' compensation compares to alternative options including no insurance, occupational/accident coverage and self-insured entities.

How to complete an ERM-14 form

Learn how to notify Texas Mutual of an ownership change with the ERM-14 form. This microlearning details how to complete each section of the form. It also provides a second example of how you can report the change to Texas Mutual.

How to prepare for a final audit

Help your clients prepare for a final audit. In this microlearning, see what documents policyholders need to have on hand to facilitate a smooth audit with Texas Mutual.

How to file an Argo claim

Help your clients know how to manage their out-of-state claims with Argo. In this microlearning see how to report a claim with Argo, where to find an Argo work staus report, how to find a doctor in the Argo network and where to find a pharmacy information.

Executive officers

Learn what roles are classified as executive officers and what form is needed to exclude an executive officer from coverage. The lesson also covers percentage of ownership information and associated payroll limitations.

Other states coverage

See how Texas Mutual provides coverage for our policyholders with operations in other states through Argo Insurance.

General inclusions and exclusions

Learn the ins and outs of general inclusions and operations that must be separately classified, known as general exclusions.

Explore commonly used forms and endorsements

Get to know the most commonly used forms and endorsements used when working with Texas Mutual.

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