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Just for Agents

Marketing Materials

Resources for your success

Agents are the best and most trusted resource to prospects, so we want to help you make your client’s workers’ compensation choice easy. Our marketing materials are great conversation starters or leave-behinds that show why Texas Mutual is the strongest, safest protection against workplace injuries and their impact.

Making the case for workers' comp and Texas Mutual

Help your customers understand the protection workers' comp offers, and why over 75,000 business owners trust Texas Mutual.

Gaps in coverage are big risks for clients

Don't Dare infosheet

Don't Dare to Go Bare (PDF)

En español (PDF)

How to earn a policyholder dividend 

The Dividend Difference

The Dividend Difference (PDF)

Co-brand Option (PDF)

We're strengthening businesses 

Prospective Policyholders

Prospective Policyholder (PDF)

Distinguishing from the competition with service and safety

Our customer-centric services are designed to reduce the costs of on-the-job injuries and keep businesses moving.

Free safety services and resources 

Safety Services infosheet

Safety Services (PDF)

Co-brand Option (PDF)

Free safety e-Learning system for employers

e-Learning info sheet

Free e-Learning for Policyholders (PDF)

Enhanced services for your large clients 

Large account program info sheet

Large Account Program (PDF)

How to get started for new policyholders

How to get started

Get Started Guide (PDF)

The claims process for employers

Claims process

Steps of a Claim (PDF)

Resources for you

We help you service your clients with educational materials that cover the basics of workers' comp and more.

 Workers' comp basics just for agents

Agent information booklet

The Agent's Guide to Workers' Comp (PDF)

Industry-specific safety group directory

Safety Group info sheet

The Safety Group Advantage (PDF)

Time-saving renewals for smaller clients

Fast Track Renewals info sheet

Fast Track Renewals (PDF)

Communicating financial stability

2023 Annual Report

2023 Financial Highlights (PDF)

Learn more about workers' comp

See our agent training and event opportunities.

Workers' comp basics for employers

See what employers need to know about covering their business.