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New Policyholder Onboarding

Welcoming your new clients to Texas Mutual

When we welcome a new customer to Texas Mutual, our goal is to help get them acquainted with doing business with us. Our onboarding campaign does just that, so you can feel confident that your client will know what to expect and can make the most of their policy. Here’s what you should know about our onboarding campaign:

How do I include my clients in Texas Mutual’s onboarding?

The best way to ensure your client receives these emails is to include their email in the quote process. Once their quote is bound, they will be included in the onboarding campaign.

Do I have to provide my client’s email address?

While it is not required for you to provide an email address to us, we encourage you to enter an accurate one in the quote submission so that your client is included in the onboarding experience. Please note that if coverage is not bound, they will never receive emails from us for onboarding or otherwise.

How often will my client receive emails?

Your client will receive one email per week throughout the onboarding campaign.

What does the onboarding campaign look like?

The onboarding campaign is a series of emails that allows us to provide the right information at the right time. The first email will welcome them to Texas Mutual and guide them through their account set up. This is followed by educational emails that will include a guide to Texas Mutual, how to report an injury, how to find a doctor, billing and payments, and safety resources. Take a look below for more details on what your clients can expect.

Email 1: Welcome to Texas Mutual

The first email your client will receive will guide them through the account setup process. They will need to provide their FEIN, policy number, name, phone number, email and role.

Then, they will need to create a password and set up a security question. Their default account will include access to billing and payments, injury reporting, e-Learning and their document center. Your client will have the option to add additional features including view policy, payroll reporting, claims and loss runs, and dividends inquiry.

After policyholders agree to the terms of use, they will receive a confirmation screen when their registration is complete. Policyholders will also have the option to invite other users at their company to create an account.

Image of the welcome email

Image of the guide preview introduction

Email 2: Guide to Texas Mutual

Once a policyholder completes the account registration, we’ll email a guide to Texas Mutual which covers:

  • Reporting injuries
  • Accessing their account
  • Learning about the WorkWell, TX network 
  • Viewing our safety resources
  • Earning dividends

Email 3: How to report an injury

Reporting an injury is how we get started on a claim for your clients and helps us get their injured worker the care they need. In this email, we show policyholders just how easy it is to use our online reporting tool. 

Watch our how to video on reporting an injury, which is shared in the onboarding campaign.


Email 4: How to find a doctor

When your clients enroll in the WorkWell, TX network, their injured employees are required to seek in-network care. Policyholders who do not enroll in the network can still benefit by seeking treatment through WorkWell, TX. This email shows policyholders how to find a network doctor using the online directory or by downloading the mobile app.

Watch our video on how to find a doctor, which is shared in the onboarding campaign.

Email 5: Billing and payments

Your client’s online account gives them the most up-to-date information on their billing activity. In this email, we introduce the payment center so that they know where to go if they ever have any billing questions.

In their account, policyholders can:

  • See past invoices and payments
  • Enroll in autopay
  • Schedule one-time payments

Onboarding email
Safety email

Email 6: Safety resources

When your clients choose Texas Mutual, they are getting more than a workers’ comp policy. We take our commitment seriously to help all of our policyholders keep their employees safe on the job and prevent workplace injuries. We’ll share free safety resources with your Texas Mutual clients, including:

  • Best practices and incident analysis
  • e-Learning and downloadable resources
  • Safety courses and discounted OSHA training
  • Contact information for the safety services support center

How will this help me as an agent?

The onboarding experience will guide your Texas Mutual clients through their account set up and help them make the most of what Texas Mutual has to offer. This saves you time, and helps your client better understand workers’ comp.

Will renewing policyholders receive these emails?
Onboarding for renewing policyholders is not part our current onboarding program. Also, if a new policy is bound, but the policyholder's email address is already stored in our systems, then the individual will not receive these onboarding emails. This is either because they are a former policyholder or because a policy has been canceled and rewritten. If an agent enters their own email address in the policyholder email field, but already has a TMO account, they will not receive the onboarding emails.

What's next?
We’re continuing to enhance the onboarding campaign to provide policyholders with more useful information on topics like premium audit, payroll reporting and other states resources.

Thank you for your support and helping us make workers’ comp work for our shared clients.

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