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Just for Agents

Workers' compensation is good for Texas —
and Texas Mutual is good for insurance agents.

Dividends are the driver.
Client retention is the win.


In 2023, Texas Mutual’s dividend program reached a milestone – $4 billion distributed over the past 25 years. It’s an accomplishment we’re celebrating, not just because of what that money has done for our policyholders, but because of what it continues to do for our agent partners.

25 years of dividendsOur one-of-a-kind dividend program is a valuable tool that helps you recruit and retain good clients. It starts with the payout — $340 million this year alone — but the real selling point is our consistency. Texas Mutual has returned a dividend to our policyholders for 25 consecutive years. That’s a quarter-century of giving money back to safe businesses!

What’s even better is that our program rewards both safety and customer loyalty. That means your clients have an extra incentive to stay with their workers’ comp carrier — and with the agent who placed them there.

Texas Mutual’s dividend program helps you:

  • Attract new workers’ comp clients

  • Boost your retention rate

  • Give your clients a way to control their premium

  • And more!

At Texas Mutual, we’re proud to partner with the best agents in Texas. We care about your business and we want to do all we can to help you succeed. Our dividend program is just one of the many ways we help you keep your clients happy and your agency strong.

Explore resources to help you market dividends. 

Dividends are based on performance, are not guaranteed and must comply with Texas Department of Insurance regulations.

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