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Café Momentum benefits from TXM’s grant program

Texas Mutual's support of organizations like Café Momentum is an investment in the future of Texas.


At Texas Mutual Insurance Company, we’re committed to building safer, stronger, better communities. Since 2016, we’ve contributed more than $50 million to hundreds of organizations doing good work right here in Texas – organizations like Café Momentum.

Café Momentum gives young Texans a second chance. This award-winning restaurant is staffed entirely by justice-involved youth. Since launching in 2015, the Dallas-based nonprofit has provided paid internships, a high school education and other kinds of foundational support to more than 1,000 youths who have experienced the Juvenile Justice System.

Café Momentum’s Founder and Executive Chef, Chad Houser, was named Best Up-and-Coming Chef in Dallas back in 2008 when he was invited to teach a group of youngsters from juvenile detention how to make ice cream at a farmers’ market competition. One of those young men won the competition and told Chad he wanted to work in restaurants. Despite the youth’s enthusiasm and optimism, Chad said, he realized the kid would likely never make it to the restaurant business.

“First, he was going back to jail,” said Chad. “But then, he would be going back to the same house, street, neighborhood, financial instability, housing instability, food insecurity and lack of education access that has pushed him on a path of detention.” Chad realized something needed to change to give these kids the opportunity for a different path – a better life. Putting his restaurant skills to work toward that goal led to Café Momentum’s pioneering program.

Café Momentum

Café Momentum's life-changing program includes access to a high school education along with paid work internships that give justice-involved youth a jumpstart to a better life.

“Café Momentum is a life-changing program, one we’re proud to support,” said Jackie Sekiguchi, Texas Mutual’s Community Affairs Manager, who recently toured the café and saw firsthand what Chad and his team are doing for their employees – and for Texas.

“Texas Mutual understands the power of work and its ability to change lives, not just for individuals but for generations to come,” she said. “We see these students as future Texas workers that are critically important to the Texas economy.”

As the state’s number one workers’ comp provider, Texas Mutual is dedicated to being a stable force for good in the community. In 2022 alone, our Request for Proposal (RFP) initiatives awarded nearly $7 million to 96 caring organizations across the state. These grants help our communities in numerous ways, including:

  • Giving families access to quality care and health education
  • Strengthening the early childhood development system
  • Ensuring families have the resources they need to pursue opportunities for improvement
  • Providing job training and safety instruction to Texas workers

By focusing on generational learning, workforce development and safety training, Texas Mutual is helping break the cycle of poverty and giving Texans a chance for a better life.

“What we’ve proven at Café Momentum,” said Chad, “is that young people can and will rise to whatever level of expectation is set for them as long as we, the community, provide them with the tools, resources and opportunities to do so.”

“We believe supporting organizations like Café Momentum is critically important to ensuring businesses, working families and communities stay strong and resilient,” said Jackie.

At Texas Mutual, we know that a skilled, stable workforce is essential to the businesses we serve. Our support of trusted community organizations is an investment in a stronger, brighter future for our policyholders and our state.

“These are commitments we’ve made to our stakeholders who support us every single day,” Jackie said, “because when policyholders, agents, employees and communities succeed, so do we.”

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