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Skillpoint Alliance | Austin

Texas Mutual supports organizations like Skillpoint Alliance to help businesses — and workers — build bright futures.


Texas businesses need reliable access to skilled and prepared workers. That’s why Texas Mutual supports training-based workforce development programs like Austin’s Skillpoint Alliance.

Launched in 1994, Skillpoint Alliance helps its students develop in-demand job skills that can put them on a path to a better life. But that’s just one of the ways the nonprofit benefits the community.

“The second part of our mission,” said Kevin Brackmeyer, Skillpoint CEO, “is about how we help fill the needs of employers, especially in the areas that we train in, which is pre-apprentice electrical, plumbing, HVAC and manufacturing.”

The intensive courses usually last four to six weeks and are designed to provide hands-on experience so that students can quickly assume entry-level positions in their preferred trades. Skillpoint also provides resume assistance, job placement and, in some cases, stipends for living and transportation expenses — all at no charge.

“Skillpoint Alliance is free to every student,” Kevin explained, “and the reason it’s free is that we have great partners like Texas Mutual.”

Texas Mutual is committed to supporting organizations that are making a difference in our communities. By partnering with Skillpoint, our support helps ensure a stable workforce for Texas employers now and in the future. At the same time, we’re helping Texans learn skills that can lead to more satisfying, more productive careers.

That’s important to employers like Beckett Electrical Services, an Austin company that regularly recruits from the Skillpoint program.

“There is more work in Austin than there are human bodies capable of doing. The demand for trained and skilled electricians is exponential,” Tristan Yows, Beckett’s safety director, said. “We rely heavily on the skills — and not only the hard skills, but the soft skills — that are taught here at Skillpoint for the employees we hire to be successful.”

Skillpoint Alliance is just one of the hundreds of community organizations Texas Mutual is proud to support. Since 2016, we’ve donated more than $60 million to nonprofits that provide education, job skills training, quality child care and more. In 2023 alone, we distributed $8 million in grants to programs that focus on safety training, generational learning and workforce development.

“At Texas Mutual, we care about the success of Texas businesses,” said Jackie Sekiguchi, Texas Mutual’s Community Affairs Manager. “Our community affairs initiatives create a better environment for these businesses by improving access to skilled, educated workers, and also by helping those workers stay safe, healthy and on the job.”

As the state’s leading workers’ compensation provider, Texas Mutual is dedicated to being a stable force for good. By supporting organizations like Skillpoint Alliance, we’re helping build a stronger, brighter future for Texas businesses and all working Texans.

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