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Jackie Sekiguchi is on your team


Chances are you don’t know Jackie Sekiguchi, but she works for you. Jackie is part of your team, one of many Texas Mutual employees dedicated to helping our agent partners. Their job is to make your job easier – which is why Jackie is so committed to making communities better.

“We really believe that a rising tide lifts all boats,” says Jackie, community affairs manager. “By giving back to programs that create a stronger workforce and stronger communities, Texas Mutual is helping build our economy. The stronger our economy is, the more businesses there are that need to be insured, and those businesses become new and better clients for our agents. We look at it as a circle that helps everybody.”

Texas Mutual’s community affairs program provides grants, funding and other support for hundreds of groups and organizations across Texas. Our close agent-provider relationships allow us to learn about opportunities to help from agents who are involved in their communities and know where the greatest needs lie. As Jackie explains, it’s one of the benefits of having such strong partnerships with agents located throughout the state.

“We rely on agents because they know their communities and the leadership positions within those communities,” she says. “We can call them up and say ‘How are things going? What are you hearing? What do you feel is the biggest need?’ And because they’re so well-connected, they can share that with us, which can influence how we support that community.”

While Texas Mutual’s support efforts extend to many different groups, the focus is on using our resources in a way that will do the most good. To meet that goal, we focus on four pillars of giving: workforce training and development, generational learning, disaster relief and community building.

“We want to be a good neighbor, we want to do good for communities here in Texas,” Jackie says. “But my favorite thing about it is that it’s not just talk. We’re trying to move the needle. Our investments are strategically placed to actually bring change and not just to win business.”

In everything we do, Texas Mutual is committed to building a stronger, safer Texas – and that includes our community involvement programs. It’s an initiative that’s good for your agency, good for your clients and good for the places you call home. We’re proud of the relationship we have with our agents and very proud to be able to put Jackie on your team. She’s just one of the outstanding Texas Mutual professionals working hard to help your agency thrive.

To learn more about our ongoing commitment to agents, visit our agents page.

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