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Sure, agents need continuing education credits to keep their licenses up to date, but that doesn't mean learning has to be dull. Texas Mutual trainer Tai Williams, backed by a whole group of specialists back at the office, lives to make training fun and even funny.

"I go to agents' offices and teach in-agency classes, and we also do larger events where we'll have a ballroom at a hotel and we'll bring in a guest speaker," said Tai Williams, a customer training and engagement specialist with Texas Mutual Insurance Company. "We had an event where we brought in a band, and we did one event at SeaWorld in San Antonio. We like to add an entertainment element at our larger events to make it fun and to show our agents how much we appreciate them."

Sessions like these are part of Texas Mutual's ongoing commitment to providing agency training for agents. The classes are free and help attendees fulfill their continuing education requirements. And while Tai's statewide travels have made her a familiar face to the agent community, there's an entire team behind her helping create a high-level experience.

"There are so many people working behind the scenes that agents never get to see, but they provide information, they do the analytics, they do so much to help our agents and policyholders succeed," she said.

Like Tai, those individuals serve as an extension of your agency. They're your team. And while you might never meet them, they bring unique skills to the job that help you in your day-to-day operations. In Tai's case, that's a passion for education. A former teacher, she uses what she learned in the classroom to create a more appealing training experience.

"You need to have a sense of humor. I mean, this is insurance, we know it can be boring, some of the information is dry. That's why you have to be energetic, you need to present it in a way that doesn't have people falling asleep. It needs to be memorable."

Whether it's through her onsite classes, micro-learning videos or webinars, Tai makes each training session relatable and engaging. And while her lessons are entertaining, her main focus is on providing agents with the specific information they need to serve their clients.

"I get a lot of questions about risk classification — how to classify a risk properly because that's where our rating comes from. Also, they have questions about contractors. That's a huge one because there are so many different ways to look at contractors, and I'm able to help them understand that area of business," she said. "And by offering classes that give agents CE credits, we're helping them fulfill their licensure needs for free."

Tai is part of a dedicated team of professionals at Texas Mutual who are working hard to make sure agents have the resources they need to take great care of their customers and grow their business.

"If I can give them knowledge and information to help them understand their job and our product and what we bring to the table," said Tai, "they can better serve their policyholders."

It's just another way Texas Mutual is changing the way workers' comp works for you. To learn more, visit our Just for Agents page.

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