Other states coverage

Texas Mutual provides agents the opportunity to submit coverage requests for states other than Texas. Other states coverage is provided via an arrangement with Argonaut Insurance Company, which holds an A.M. Best Rating of "A." Texas Mutual reinsures this coverage 100%, so agents and policyholders have the backing of our financial strength.

Enhancements streamline others states product

When independent agents tell Texas Mutual how we can serve them better, we listen and respond. With that in mind, we recently redesigned our other states quote print product to be more consistent with Texas Mutual quotes and seamless for you to present.

The redesigned quote product is just one of many recent enhancements to our other states program. Here are some of the other ways we're making the program even better for you and your clients:

  • Improved responsiveness - We streamlined our internal procedures to process your other states quotes and endorsements faster.
  • Local decision-making - Our underwriters have broad discretion to issue quotes for your quality Texas-based accounts that have operations in other states, with no percentage restrictions.
  • Enhanced claim management - Argonaut adopted Texas Mutual's industry-leading claim and customer service standards. It also developed a claim kit to help your clients understand the claim process in other states.

If you have questions about our other states product or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to contact your agency representative or your underwriter. In the meantime, thank you for making Texas Mutual the state's leading choice for workers' compensation insurance.

The following is a quick reference guide to other states coverage.


Other states business must accompany a Texas Mutual policy. Agents can submit the other states application at the same time they submit the Texas application or as a new request with a current Texas Mutual policy. Texas Mutual and Argonaut policies must have the same expiration date.

The insured must have Texas-domiciled headquarters or the majority of their operational payroll in Texas. If approved, two separate policies will be issued. Texas Mutual will issue the policy for the Texas coverage. The other states policy will be issued on Argonaut paper.

Is your other states submission complete?

New business information required:

  • Completed ACORD® application (If your client needs other states coverage in Florida, you need to complete a special ACORD® application as required by Florida law. The application requires specific information that must be acknowledged and signed by the agent and owner/officer, and the signatures must be notarized.):
    • Type of entity (corporation, sole proprietor, etc.)
    • FEIN for each entity, including DBA names
    • A physical address for every location in each state where exposure is anticipated
    • Description of operations
    • Annual payroll by class code, by state
    • Premium and loss history for last four years by state
    • Expected effective date
    • Executive officers, partners or sole proprietor information
  • Current experience mod worksheet

If applicable:

  • State unemployment Tax ID # is needed for the following states: HI, NJ, ME, MN, RI, UT
  • New Jersey Employer Registration #

Note: Available payment plans for an Argonaut policy are the same as for the Texas Mutual policy, except interim reporting is not as widely available on the Argonaut policy.


The agent will receive the same commission percentage on both policies.


Claims are handled by Argonaut claims staff. Report other states claims directly to Argonaut:

  • via number provided with Argonaut's policy (state-sensitive)
  • online at http://online.argonautgroup.com
  • fax at 888-329-3764
  • Claims may be reported using Texas Mutual's
  • toll-free number: (800) TX-CLAIM
  • (892-5246).
  • Visit the Argonaut website for an other states claims kit.

Texas Mutual staff reviews claims for best business handling practices, and provides input and feedback to Argonaut claims staff.

Argonaut claim access

Agents and insureds can get loss runs by emailing a request to underwriting@texasmutual.com.

Agents and policyholders can register for Argonaut online access. To register, the agent must contact the underwriter or agency representative to acquire a special registration form. Once the document is complete and approved, the agent and insured will receive access codes. Note: For security reasons, agents may not request online access directly from Argonaut.

Special note: The Argonaut online user must access the account at least once every 90 days or it will expire. If access expires, the agent must contact their underwriter or agency representative to re-register.

Also, the submitting agent will automatically receive loss runs approximately 120 days from the policy's renewal date.

Safety services, endorsements, audits and renewals

Safety services

Texas Mutual will coordinate safety services on the other states exposure. Insureds also have access to free safety resources at texasmutual.com.


To request an endorsement, email underwriting@ texasmutual.com.

Endorsement information required: Verification of effective date, location address, annual payroll, FEIN for any new entity, ERM-14 for ownership change or name change


Texas Mutual will conduct all premium audits.


Renewal information required: Changes in operation, updated payrolls, classifications, new states and addresses, as well as updated loss runs for any of the latest five years not covered by Argonaut.


Cancellations require insured's signed request, and no flat cancellations are granted without proof of replacement coverage. A Lost Policy Voucher is needed if the original policy is not available.

Contact information

For more information, call (800) 859-5995, and speak to an information specialist.