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For Quan Cosby, Dividends are a Sweet Incentive that Helps Keep Great Clients Like Glazing Saddles

Quan Cosby, Agent

Quan Cosby learned a lot about teamwork while playing wide receiver at the University of Texas at Austin and in the NFL. Today he’s an advisor for Marsh & McLennan Agency – Southwest, and he’s using those lessons to help his clients win.

“We talk in the football world about the boat rising and everybody winning. I look at business the same way,” he says. “We’re all a team from my standpoint, and I’m only as good as my linemen or my quarterback or my teammate opening up an opportunity.”

In Texas Mutual’s dividend program, Quan sees an opportunity to help employers earn back a portion of their premium. It’s a win for his clients—and it scores points at renewal time.

“Their dividend program is a game changer. It really is,” he says. “From a team perspective, it’s like Texas Mutual is the general manager and they’re saying, ‘All right, if you do this, this and this, we’re going to give you money back. You’re going to be safer. Everybody wins.’ That’s a huge talking point and it’s definitely gotten me business. So we like Texas Mutual a lot. We’re big fans, and they’re a great partner for us.”

That sense of partnership is essential to building the “team” atmosphere Quan wants for his clients. The dividend program puts everyone on the same side, giving them a unified goal. It’s a positive connection that strengthens his relationship with companies like Glazing Saddles, LLC, a Krispy Kreme franchisee who has been with Texas Mutual for 15 years.

“I love taking them that check,” he says. “And they love getting it. Sometimes insurance is not a fun topic to talk about, but who doesn’t like getting rewarded for doing something well? We partner with Texas Mutual because they’re innovative and forward thinking, and they reward those with good safety practices. They actually give money back. That’s something you don’t see very often. So taking my clients a check, that’s a really cool thing for me.”

For Texas Mutual policyholder owners, 2019 was particularly rewarding. The company distributed $330 million in dividends to 55,000 employers, bringing the total to $2.8 billion since 1999. It’s part of an ongoing effort to make Texas a safer place to work.

“The dividends play a role in creating that safety culture,” Quan explains. “It makes a difference. When someone goes to work at Glazing Saddles, everything in their training is about safety and taking care of each other. And they utilize Texas Mutual resources to keep their safety culture where it needs to be.”

In the NFL, Quan was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts. Back in Austin, he’s well remembered for helping take the 2009 Longhorns to the National Championship game, so football comes up frequently in his discussions with clients. His experiences on the field, he says, are surprisingly effective in explaining concepts like safety and risk analysis.

“The parallels are amazing, and I love being able to use sports analogies in my business role. Insurance jargon can get a little boring, but when you put it into sports terminology, they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense now.’ So being able to draw on my previous career has been pretty advantageous in the business world.”

Quan was born and raised in Texas, and when he retired from the NFL, he returned to Austin. “It’s a gorgeous city, and it has just about everything.”

He likes being back home. He also likes working with a Texas-based company like Texas Mutual. “The icing on the cake is their headquarters being right here in Austin,” he says.

Learn more about how 75% of policyholders earn dividends each year.

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