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September 2023

We've launched an upgraded e-Learning system to help our policyholders provide accessible and effective safety and health training to their employees. Through our partnership with SafetyNow, policyholders can access the Bridge e-Learning application to:

  • Assign safety, human resources and health courses in English and Spanish
  • Create content specific to their company
  • Arrange content into structured programs
  • Organize employees into groups to streamline assignments
  • Track employees’ learning activities
  • And more!

The e-Learning system is available exclusively for Texas Mutual policyholders.


How policyholders can access e-Learning

Policyholders will need to log in to their Texas Mutual Online (TMO) account, select Safety in the top menu, and then choose Explore e-Learning in the e-Learning tab.

Please note, the first time a policyholder accesses the e-Learning system, it may take up to 15 minutes for the complete course catalog to load. In the meantime, policyholders will be greeted with how-to videos and will receive an email from Bridge to confirm their account creation.

For assistance with the new system or with your safety program, you can contact our safety services support center at 844-WORKSAFE (967-5723) or by email at safety@texasmutual.com.

August 2023

We've rolled out a new tool to help agents stay up to date with their clients' activity. Based on valuable agent feedback and research, Texas Mutual launched a new Recent Agency Activity and Documents page in your Texas Mutual Online (TMO) account. This new page lists the last 30 days of activities for all clients linked to your agency code and includes the ability to download associated documents.

How to access the new page

Agents can find the new Recent Agency Activity and Documents page by logging in to their TMO account, navigating to the Clients section and selecting Recent Agency Activity and Documents from the drop-down menu.

Search for Client Documents page retiring

The Recent Agency Activity and Documents page is replacing the Search for Client Documents page, which will be retired starting August 20. To view documents, agents can use the new Recent Agency Activity and Documents page or the Search for Clients page.

July 2023

Starting July 26, as required by the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC), Texas Mutual will be making updates to the electronic Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness, also known as the DWC-1, on texasmutual.com. These are required updates from DWC for all workers’ compensation carriers in the state.

Employee identification updates

Per DWC, employers will need to provide one of the following identification numbers for an injured employee when reporting an injury online:

  • Social security number (SSN)
  • Passport number
  • Employment visa number
  • Individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN)
  • Green card number

The SSN is information we already request in the report. If an employer does not have an employee’s SSN, the DWC is now allowing the previously listed alternate forms of employee identification for all workers’ comp carriers in Texas.

Injury information updates

Per DWC, when an employer reports an injury and is prompted to enter an injured employee’s body part such as arm, leg or torso, they will be asked to further identify the extremity using the preselected options found in the drop-down menus. If finger(s) or toe(s) are selected as the injured body part, the application will ask for the specific digit.

We’re here to help

Our team is ready to guide you through these changes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Information Services Center at (800) 859-5995 or by email at information@texasmutual.com.

May 2023

Texas Mutual has received updated banking information from our payment vendor and we will have a new company ID as a result. Beginning June 16, policyholders who make online payments and have commercial bank or personal accounts with debit blocks will need to communicate with their bank to authorize payments to Texas Mutual. Until our new company ID is approved by their bank, any online ACH payments made to Texas Mutual will be returned by your bank.

For policyholders who do not have a debit block on their bank account, no further action is needed and their online transactions will be processed as normal.

How to authorize online payments to Texas Mutual

  1. Contact your bank
  2. Request Texas Mutual's company ID #0000408976 to be added as a valid payee

To avoid late fees, we recommend policyholders with bank accounts that have a debit block call their bank as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that most banks take 1-3 business days to process the authorization. Once approved, policyholders can resume making online payments at texasmutual.com. Please note, any payments made by mail will not be impacted.

If you have any questions, please contact our policy accounting department at (512) 224-3525 or by email at policyacct@texasmutual.com.

March 2022

Paperless invoicing gives policyholders the option to receive their invoices directly to their email inbox for a faster, greener and more convenient way to do business with us. Policyholders can sign up by logging in to their Texas Mutual Online (TMO) account and enrolling for the paperless option from the billing section of their homepage.

Drawing for $150 Amazon gift card

To celebrate this new feature, policyholders who enroll by June 30 will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $150 Amazon gift card.

September 2021

We made several enhancements to our online final audit system for your clients, based on extensive user research and testing. The new system is intuitive and guides policyholders through each step. Watch our How to Complete a Final Audit Online video to see what the user-friendly process looks like for your clients who are asked to do an online audit.

March 2021

Our teams recently updated the online experience for our agents who use an agency management system (AMS). Now, when you choose View Policy through your AMS, you will be taken to your texasmutual.com account to view your client's policy. This will provide you with a more seamless experience. We look forward to bringing more functionality to this feature.

Our network directory makes it easy to find local doctors and health care services in the WorkWell, TX network. Policyholders and their injured employees can find the directory, which now has a new look and feel, directly from the texasmutual.com homepage. The Texas Mutual Provider Directory mobile app is also available to download. Policyholders and their employees can use the directory to search for urgent care, pharmacy, specialist or a provider by name.

September 2020

As part of our effort to modernize our systems and provide customers with an even better experience, we recently personalized the first screen that policyholders see when they log into their account.

The new look and feel of the homepage makes it easier for customers to complete their most common tasks. Here's what all policyholders will see:

  • A billing module where they can choose to make a payment, enroll in autopay if eligible and see recent activity and notifications
  • A claims module where they can search for a claim by number or last name, see notifications and access safety resources to help prevent claims

Customers enrolled in payroll reporting will also have a payroll reporting module where they can view reports and view FAQs.

We're excited to offer policyholders an easier way of managing their workers’ comp policy.

We recently updated our process so that agents who have chosen email as their preferred method of communication will now receive their Argo documents by email as well. This includes Argo policies and associated states’ posting notices, policy changes and reinstatements. Cancellations will continue to be sent by certified mail.

August 2020

We're proud to share that we have upgraded our safety resource catalog to help Texas Mutual policyholders make their businesses stronger. Through our partnership with Zywave, an insurance tech industry leader, Texas Mutual policyholders have access to a robust, high-quality safety and risk management resource library. This upgraded catalog gives them access to thousands of safety resources, with many available in Spanish, such as:

  • Presentations for safety meetings
  • OSHA-compliant guidance and materials
  • Health care and insurance compliance guidelines
  • Online safety training videos
  • Safety manuals and more

The safety resource catalog is available exclusively for Texas Mutual policyholders.

Watch the video below to get to know the new catalog.


Policyholders will need to log in to Texas Mutual Online select Safety in the top menu, and then choose the updated link for the Safety and employer resources catalog.

Please note, the first time a policyholder chooses to access the catalog, they will need to acknowledge an online agreement. They’ll also have the option to save their information for easy access in the future. After completing those steps, a policyholder will be able to proceed to the catalog and Zywave will email them confirmation of their account creation.

While agents will not have access to the safety resource catalog, we encourage you to explore our just for agents safety resource page. We’ve created this new page to give you clear insight into what safety resources are available for your Texas Mutual clients and help you communicate these benefits.

As always, our safety services support center is available to help policyholders with their safety needs. Policyholders can call 844-WORKSAFE (967-5723) or email safety@texasmutual.com for assistance.

We’ve updated the agent forms page to make it easier to find documents. With the new left-hand navigation, you can easily find forms to help you manage your agency with Texas Mutual and manage your clients’ policies. Explore the new agent forms page.

June 2020

Based on valuable feedback and user research, we updated the agent homepage to provide an improved agent experience. The agent homepage is the first place you see when you log in to your TMO account. On that page, you have a new search tool to easily access you clients' policies as well as a notification center that provides a high-level overview of your clients' accounts. You have the same functionality in your account that you are used to, but it is redesigned as a more useful landing page. For example, the Book of Business has gone away but the new page gives you quick access to your clients’ policies and your most common tasks.

Watch the video below to get to know your new agent homepage and keep reading to see answers to common questions.


The agent homepage is the first thing you see when you log into your Texas Mutual Online account. The new homepage for agents launched on Friday, June 26.

What is different about it?

It is designed with your most common tasks in mind to make it easier for you to quickly navigate your online account. The Book of Business has gone away, but the new design is more user friendly. With the new homepage, you can:

  • Easily find information on your clients, applications/quotes and resources with the new top menu navigation
  • Search for clients by name, expiration date and more with the new predictive search tool
  • Quickly access recently viewed accounts
  • See how many policies are expiring, canceling and which have claim alerts in the notification center
  • Upload an application or start a new application
  • Access a new account details page for each of your clients where you can view policy details, billing and payments, documents, claims and loss runs, policy changes, payroll reporting and active quotes 

Does this change impact my clients?

No, this only affects your homepage, not your clients' homepage experience. We will keep you and your clients informed about the new policyholder homepage that will roll out later this summer.

We've updated our login process to enhance security and functionality for our users. Agents and policyholders with Texas Mutual Online accounts may be required to update their passwords. Users will also be prompted to create new security questions upon login. This quick and simple process will take just a couple of minutes. Users will still have access to their account just as they do today.

Users who are designated account administrators will no longer be able to see a user’s security questions or password, as a security enhancement.

Agents who use an agency management system to access their Texas Mutual Online account, will still be able to do so after this update. These users will also need to create new security questions upon login.

May 2020

We've made it easier for our agents to see what safety groups are available for their clients. The new search functionality on the safety group page allows agents to type a class code into the search box and quickly find qualifying groups. Safety groups provide agents with a powerful way to lower their client's premiums and boost retention.

March 2020

We’re refreshing the look and feel of the safety resource catalog and making improvements to create a more intuitive experience. Some of the updates include new filter and sort features, a more streamlined order process and recommended safety group resources exclusively for agents. If you or your clients have any questions, you can email or call our safety services support center at safety@texasmutual.com or 844-WORKSAFE.

As part of our ongoing enhancements to our online tools, we have updated the policyholder and agent document center. The changes are primarily to modernize the look and feel, and improve navigation for users. As an agent, this update makes it easier to access your documents. We've reorganized the search page and made visual changes to help you quickly navigate to your clients' documents.

February 2020

Last year we rolled our new policyholder onboarding campaign. To help our agents get familiar with what their clients can expect when they provide us with their email, visit our new onboarding page. You'll see a preview of each email in the program and find answers to common questions about the campaign.

Visit our new agent getting started page, which is designed to help new agents get registered with Texas Mutual and find resources to help them be successful in doing business with us. You can find the page on the Just for Agent landing page by clicking How to get started with Texas Mutual.

Explore the new other states coverage page, which will help policyholders know what to expect with claims and billing for their Argo policy. The page also includes commonly used links to help you navigate to Argo's site. You can find this page under the Just for Employers drop-down menu under Information.

January 2020

To help you save time and better serve your clients, blanket waivers of subrogation are now processed automatically. In most cases, you will immediately receive the policy change to download and share with your client. This is the first step to automate policy changes to help save you time and better serve clients.

November 2019

Based on customer feedback, we’ve been busy working to modernize our invoice to make your current billing information clear and easy to understand. Policyholders will be able to clearly view the amount due, payment deadline and available payment options. All new invoices will now be printed and mailed in this new, redesigned style.

To help you get familiar with the organization of the new invoice, view our How to Review Your Bill reference sheet.

As part of our commitment to improving the customer experience, our IT teams are refreshing the design of many of the tools found within the login experience for Texas Mutual Online.

Internet Quoting for agents: The refreshed Internet Quoting tool for agents features a new left-hand navigation menu. While the process stays the same, agents will find the navigation gives easier access to move throughout the application.

First report of injury: We added an easy-to-use navigation tool that allows policyholders to easily move to different sections of a claim report. You’ll see that information is better organized and we’ve made other subtle enhancements to help guide policyholders through the steps of reporting.

Loss analysis and loss runs: We’ve updated the look and feel of the loss runs and loss analysis tools to provide a cohesive experience.

Employer’s Wage Statement, DWC-3 Online Form: We’ve updated the DWC-3 online form with a new look and feel, as well as introduced new features. Users will find more guided help tools and form-fill options.

These updates are primarily to refresh the look and feel, and to make it easier for our policyholders and agents to navigate through the experience. We’ll continue to notify you of the changes that may impact how you do business with us.

October 2019

Our other states partner, Argonaut, has updated its first report of injury making it an easier, one-stop reporting tool. Previously, users had to search for the applicable state to access that state’s reporting form and requirements. The process has been simplified with one generic reporting form for all customers.

You can report an other states claim by visiting our claims management page. We’ve included language on that page to let policyholders know that they will see a new form.

September 2019

Through extensive research, testing and feedback, we’ve enhanced our website to provide agents and policyholders with an even better experience. The redesign only affects the public site, not anything behind the login.

You’ll see that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for with our new navigation and dedicated sections for employers, agents, health care providers and injured workers. We’ve enhanced our content by including workers’ comp basics, select Spanish pages and FAQs to help answer common questions. We’ve also added more visual elements like our easy-to-use quick links.

May 2019

Last fall, we introduced a new credit statement and process. For customers with credits on their account, we held that credit to apply to future invoices.

Since implementing, we've closely monitored customer feedback and reception. We learned that our customers prefer the previous process and so we have reverted to that preferred method. Going forward, policyholders can expect disbursements on a regular basis.

To simplify billing for our payroll-reporting customers, we will now invoice policy changes with the final audit. We will continue to process policy changes as we receive them, and policy changes that affect premium will be reflected in the final audit. Based on feedback, we learned that this adjustment will improve the billing experience for these customers.

We will continue to invoice policy changes for customers who pay in full, are on installment billing or premium financing.

A faster and better experience is unfolding on Texas Mutual Online (TMO), beginning with a new look and feel. It's part of ongoing research with policyholders and agents to guide innovation from our design and development teams. In the future, we'll be enhancing functionality to make it even easier to use and navigate the features of TMO, and we'll keep you informed of those changes when they come.

To make billing more convenient, our new autopay feature gives policyholders the option to set up recurring, automatic payments. Eligible policyholders now have the option to enroll with a new "Set up autopay" link on the billing screen in their texasmutual.com account. With their permission, we'll draft the amount invoiced to them on the invoice due date from the bank account they've set up.

  • Policyholders who are on agency billing, have a past due balance or are on a collection payment plan are not eligible for autopay. Some policyholders with other states billing may not be eligible for the feature at this time.
  • Policyholders can unenroll from autopay at any time.
  • Agents can see if their client has selected autopay in the billing information in their texasmutual.com account.
  • Final audit payments will be processed through autopay, if a policyholder is enrolled in the autopay feature at the time of the audit invoice due date.
  • At this time, policy renewal payments are not processed through autopay. Agents or policyholders can still make a renewal payment by check or one-time payment at texasmutual.com.

Drawing for $100 Amazon gift card

To celebrate this new feature, we held a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card. Thanks to everyone who enrolled. We're happy to share that we awarded the gift card to one of our Houston policyholders in the restaurant industry on July 10.

April 2019

We're making enhancements to make our internet quoting tool even better through recent enhancements. Agents will have the option to prefill parts of an application with information we already have on file. These updates will be intuitive and easy to use, and in the future, we'll continue to deliver updates that help maximize your time.

Our quoting system now accepts new business submissions up to 120 days in advance of the proposed effective date. This is an update from the current 90-day period. We're glad to bring a change that will make it easier for our agents to manage their clients' needs.

March 2019

Texas Mutual's welcome campaign for new policyholders allows us to provide the right information at the right time, and help them make the most of their workers' compensation coverage.

Learn more

December 2018

At the end of your policy term, we conduct a review, known as a premium audit, to ensure that your premium accurately reflects your actual payroll and business operations. Based on customer feedback, we've added a new section on the final audit statement that provides a clearer explanation of how we calculate your final estimated billing adjustment.

Agents, take a look at our updated final audit statement so you can see what you and your clients can expect.

We'll continue to share news of our enhancements that make doing business with us even better. As always, contact us or your agent with any questions.

November 2018

In the event your workplace experiences a catastrophic injury, we've made it easier for you to report the incident to us. You can now use our injury reporting tool online at texasmutual.com to answer some questions about the incident and get assigned a claim number right away, allowing us to better serve you and your employees. We recommend logging into your texasmutual.com account, so that you can quickly choose class codes already established with your policy.

September 2018

For eligible applicants, policy premium will now be paid in 12 monthly installments, with the first installment due by the policy effective date. This plan has replaced our 15% down installment payment plan.

We have added the option to assign payroll by class codes in a consolidated format. This new functionality is not applicable for PEOs, as they must report by location. Policyholders will still have the option to report by location, if they prefer to do so.

August 2018

Policyholders told us that they would like easier access to policy documents through their Texas Mutual Online (TMO) account. Earlier this month, we debuted a new feature in TMO called Document Center.

To access the new Document Center, log into texasmutual.com, select Policy and then choose Documents from the dropdown menu.

In Document Center, you can now view, print or save documents such as policies, policy changes, policy cancellations and documents for other states policies. Customers can access up to five years of history on the page.

We are no longer charging installment fees to policyholders enrolled in installment billing. This makes our convenient installment option even more economical for business owners.

We've simplified billing for our Texas Mutual policyholders who have policies in other states. Instead of receiving two invoices, policyholders will now receive one combined invoice if both policies are on the same payment plan. Customers will be able to view other states billing information in their Texas Mutual Online account as well.

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